After I wore this lipstick once, It has fallen into obscurity in the deep, and dark depths of Karl. I never found myself reaching for it in my stash. In fact, I might've forgotten about it completely!

One major reason is, I don't like glossy lipsticks. It just melts on my lips, and I can always taste the lipstick in my mouth. I don't want to to die of lead poisoning! And the gloss made this lipstick look sheer. I like my lipsticks pigmented and bold thank you very much.

But when I was playing with my make- ups one day, It just showed itself to me. I found it underneath my stacks of lip liners and eyeliners. And to my surprise and dismay, the lipstick has melted. I was wondering why it melted when in fact, my make- ups are stored in my room, and would always experience air- conditioning when I'm home. It's either this lipstick's quality is really bad, or El Nino is really getting worse!

I opened the tube and it's soiled with melted fuschia pink lipstick. But It didn't melt totally. A good amount of the lipstick still remained solid.

After cleaning the tube, I tried the lipstick on my lips. And the melting may have done a good thing to the lipstick because it became much better as opposed to the first time I used it! The lipstick became more pigmented, and it just looked pretty. And with this on, I can say that my lips looked juicy, and smooch- worthy!

I'm definitely wearing this to my beach trip with hubby. I don't know what the heck happened, but it just became a must- wear shade this summer!

After all, there will always be some good in the bad. And this Sephora lipstick is the proof! :)

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