Review: Avon Shine Attract Lipstick in Passionate Red

Here's a review on Avon Shine Attract Lipstick in Passionate Red

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Hi guys! I'm back after a two- day hiatus. I just thought of taking a break from the cyberworld while I'm here in Boracay. But now I'm back with a cool find from Avon. It's a jelly-cious lipstick called Shine Attract.


Its packaging is far from the jet- black and jet- serious traditional packaging of Avon's lipsticks. It's a slim, lightweight tube in a gorgeous silver shade with an acrylic cap. It looks sturdy and feels expensive too.

'Attract' is indeed one of the right words to name this lipstick. Look at that gorgeous product! I've never seen anything like it. It's such a fun and revolutionary way to modernize lipstick. Methinks this would have an appeal to young adults and teenagers.

Let's check out the product. The transparent jelly that houses the intense color at the core is solid lipgloss. It glides on easily, feels very luxurious, and moisturizing. It has a very faint floral scent.

Passionate Red is a warm true red shade.

I'm having a teeny weeny problem with the lipstick though. Since the color is located at the center, I'm having a hard time distributing the color evenly onto my lips (as seen on the lip swatch). I'd have to use a lip brush on the core to scoop out some color. It's not the best thing to use if you're in a hurry too. :p

Here's Shine Attract on me. It's pretty moisturizing and gives a beautiful and natural shiny finish. Staying power is not so great though. It comes off easily due to its glossy finish. But it's a great alternative to heavy and goopy lip glosses for this summer because it feels so lightweight on the lips.

I'd recommend it to just about anyone who loves Avon and likes cute stuff, but I probably wouldn't buy it again because I'm partial to matte and satin lipsticks. Overall, its quality is nice and its very affordable too. I'm just not into shiny lipsticks that's all. :)

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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Martha! How's your stay at Boracay? I'm sure you had a great time there. Btw, jelly pala yun. Kala ko container tube pa din. Ganda ng pagka-red. Bagay sa blush mo :)

  2. That's something new! It looks like candy. Is it available in other shades?

  3. kath: morning dear! :p it was superb! Will post pics soon. :)

    kmmyp: hello there and g'morning! :D Indeed, candy is the right thing to call it! :D Yes, available in a lot of shades. Please check with Avon for the other shades. :)

  4. It looks great on you, Martha! The gel thing encapsulating the pigment is intriguing but it seems to cause the lippie less functional.

  5. the packaging is cute. if it's on sale, i'll probably buy.

  6. wow.. new lippies from AVON!!! gonna try this out!!!

  7. Bongga yung packaging, pang sosy ang dating! I've already saw the other shades on Ms.Shen's and Ms.Liz blog, they're all beautiful, kaya lang I agree, I can see it on your picture na parang di sya well distributed sa lips dahil sa glossy formula nya, nonetheless, it looks good pa rin. Love the shade! Looks good on you pa rin po. Kinda wondering lang kung magkano kaya sya.

  8. Very intriguing product. The jelly substance surrounding the lip color itself could be mabenta out of curiosity :P

  9. I have several Avon lipsticks. I always buy Avon because they're affordable and I love their colors.

  10. makes me want to eat it! haha. It's like a jelly candy!

  11. looks nice. i've never tried avon before.. interesting :>

  12. gen-zel: true that! :D

    Addie: You should dear. Their products are great for daily wear. :)

    Lourdes: true! and the lipsticks have good quality. :D

    gellie: haha. true! even the transparent jelly can make one curious about it. :)

    argie: you're right, unfortunately (for the lipstick). :)

    Jenny: thank you for sharing your thoughts. If I'm not mistaken, it's around 300+ :) very affordable! :D

    rhain: you should dear! :D

  13. wow,affordable naman pala. Worth it to try pa rin. You're welcome Ms.Martha! :)

  14. this is so interesting! kudos to Avon for coming up with this kind of product! ^_^

  15. Wow! You have a very nice and even skin!

  16. have watched the video..galing ng technique! it also applicable sa ibang lipstick?? thanks for sharing

  17. hi! newbie here. i'd like to give my two cents worth here. regarding the post, I have the fuchsia flare shade in my possession and thought it's an awesome shade as well.

    Im also an avid fan of michelle phan and i saw on one of her tutorial that putting a loose powder first in ANY lipstick makes it last longer. i tried it on this avon lipstick and it did very well.

    il be back-reading. and be coming back for more! nice blog you got in here! :)

  18. sayang, been trying to play the video for 3 days now coz i really wanna see, but our internet is so slooow :(


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