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Friday, April 20, 2012

Shoe overload!+How to calm redness--VMV Hypoallergenics style

Two days ago, I had a 'Last Hurrah' with Pam Garcia of VMV Hypoallergenics. She's leaving for Germany to pursue her masters. I'll definitely miss your bubbly presence, Pam! She also introduced me to LJ, who's temporarily filling in the Marketing Officer position for her. Pam, I'll definitely see you again before you leave. And nice meeting you LJ! Looking forward to a bevy of skin-tastic collaborations with you. :)

VMV also gifted me with their newest skin care line called RED BETTER. It's a supremely gentle skin care line that's formulated to soothe hypersensitive skin, especially those with Rosacea. I'm road- testing a few right now and I'll get back to you with the results. :) They also included 'CLARK KENT' in the loot, the new and improved Essence Skin Saving Hair and Body Wash. This mild- mannered yet tough hair and body cleanser will surely banish those Lex Luthors from your skin for good!

Shoes, glorious shoes! Liberte sent me 4 pairs of shoes. Wow, this is the most number of shoes I received/acquired in one day. Check out what they sent me!

My affinity for wedges. A fellow beauty blogger even called me 'Wedge Queen'. They're so comfy kasi!

And yet, another wedge. This one is perfect for semi- formal wear. :)

It's a dressy pair of strap-py sandals. :)

Perfect for mall strolling!

Thanks Liberte! Stay tuned for my OOTD posts featuring these feet candies. :)

8 Lovely Thoughts:

Lourdes Espanol said...

The pairs I like the most is the first wedge and the flats. The slippers look so comfy.

Kath said...

I like the wedge :) The first pic

alpha said...

i love the first and second one..kikay's surely awesome to have those..

gen-zel said...

wow! I like the first and the last one :)

Jenny said...

Ako i love them all, specially the colors! Whenever you are tired of wearing stilettos or platforms, wedges are the best and comfortable to wear. Gorgeous! Anyway, saang mall meron silang branch ng Liberte Ms.Martha?

rhaindropz said...

hee hee Kath and me voted for the first pic hihi.. summer na summer and dating ^_^ i wanna see what you would pair with these

Ruth Santiago said...

i want the flat one! cute! ^_^

The Beauty Junkee said...

hi girls! Liberte is at Robinson's Galleria. :D

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