Denver and I as Brand Ambassadors for The Purple Groom

Last Monday, Denver and I traveled all the way to Mandaluyong for a photoshoot. We were chosen as Brand Ambassadors for The Purple Groom, one of the leading pet supplies store and pet grooming salons in the metro.

A little background: The Purple Groom started out in 2009, and currently has 4 branches. (Tiendesitas, Xavierville Katipunan, Greenwoods Cainta, and the new California Garden Square branch) They pride on their pet hairstyling techniques that can only be found in exclusive pet salons in the United States. The Purple Groom recognizes that pet- loving, fashion- forward individuals only demand the best care and up-to-date styles for their pets, that's why they only provide the best and hippest service to all our furry friends!

My hair was by Bench FIX, and makeup was by The Face Shop Philippines.

Because real guys wear makeup: Paul of Paul The PR Guy getting his makeup done.

Click READ MORE and check out what happened in our shoot, and watch the corresponding short Youtube video I've made for everyone! :)

Denver gets pampered too!

Snaps the Pomeranian owned by Liz of Project Vanity

The most vocal cutie in the photoshoot, Tiffy owned by Marj of The Traveling Heels.

Freshly- groomed Liam the Lhasa Apso, The photographer's dog.

Yogi the Chow Chow owned by Paul. He really needs to take a bath. LOL!

The Enciso sisters with their toy poodles, Barty and Mojo.

Me and Denver the Golden Retriever:

Watch the video here!

Thank you so much The Face Shop Philippines, Bench FIX, Jayme Chua, and The Purple Groom for the wonderful opportunity!

Don't forget to visit The Purple Groom on Facebook for more details about their new California Garden Square Mandaluyong branch!

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Whoa! Your dog is big! Mukhang malambing ; )


  2. Wow! Full of cuteness! Ang bait bait naman ni Denver habang pinapampered! At nandun din pala si Snaps! Hehe. Ang pogi naman ni Denver! Congrats to you and to Denver once again!

  3. denver is such a cutie!!! :) i have a little baby shi tzu.. but i also want a bigger one to cuddle with. hehe. :D

    i wish they expand more.. we dont have a branch near us. :(


  4. This is so awesome! I always wanted a big dog, but we never had the space for it kaya we always have toy dogs.

  5. yaaay! your retriever is so cute! can you also make a post on how you groom your dog? :) i think it's also an interesting change if fashion and beauty bloggers share how they keep their dog clean and fashionable all the time. :)

  6. michelle: hello! super lambing! :D

    chamee: thank you and welcome to my blog! :D yes, will do that! :D

    chrissy: thanks for sharing! our family loves big dogs. :)

    michelle: i had a shih tzu before and he died of old age. :( yes, the purple groom will definitely do that! :D

    jen: thank you jen! :D

  7. Ang sweet Ms.M... :)

    Sana magkaron din ako ng dog someday.. :)

  8. Awwww... cute niyo ni denver..
    I saw this picture on facebook eh, kaya I was waiting on the blogpost na.. ;))

  9. awwwwwwwwww. denver is so adorable and e's so bait! i wanna hug him. .^_^.

  10. Congrats Ms. M! I watched the video. Denver is like a suplado guy with the small dogs haha and he's so big! I want to own a dog too but maybe when I get a home-based job in the future so I can take care of it.

    You've voice is so cute, I bet you can be a Vj too Ms. M! :)


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