Easy Way to Remove K-Palette's Eyeliner

I said in my K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner review that not even the best cleansing oil in the world can remove this toughie easily. But you know what? It only yields to the world's universal solvent: WATER.

Made a mistake with your K-Palette eyeliner, but can't afford to re-do your makeup anymore? Here's a very easy way to remedy streaks, smudges, and uneven lines-No complete makeup removal required. Click READ MORE and I'll show you how. :)


Grab a q tip and dip it in a bowl with clean water, or place it under running water. (which is the easiest way for me) Make sure it's not too wet so it won't drip on your cheeks and undereyes. Press firmly but gently on the part to be corrected, and rub lightly until the eyeliner comes off. Wipe the damp area with a dry q tip. Make sure that the part you have just cleaned is completely dry before applying powder or else, you'll end up creating patchy areas on your lids.


Get your usual setting powder and a small eyeshadow brush. Dab the brush on the powder, and apply on the cleansed part.

NOTE: If the black stain is too obvious, you may opt to apply concealer first prior to powder.


Reapply K-Palette's liquid eyeliner. Make sure you'll get it right this time! :)

VOILA! Problem solved! :)

Piece of cake, right? Do let me know how this trick works for you. :)

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. this is what I like most on your blog! your very easy and useful tips :) Thanks Martha! :)

  2. this tip is indeed very useful... i really am wanting to try that eyeliner now. :)


  3. Very helpful Ms. Martha thank you! :) now I'm not afraid to have mistake doing this!


  4. I also use Q-tip on shaping my lips.. This tip indeed will be added to my knowledge.. ;))

  5. Yay! Thanks for saring this. I always make a mistake when lining my eyes. Haha! :D


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