Fan Mail Fridays: How To Wear Orange Lipstick

Hello girls! Our Friday question was sent by Elie Santos. Elie asks:

Hi Ms. Martha

I just wanna ask for your opinion. Which brand of lipstick has the best orange shade? Either expensive or inexpensive. And how do you wear an orange lipstick? With what shade of blush will look good with it? Thank you very much and I will wait for your reply.


Hello Elie!

Great question! It's the year of Tangerine Tango, and your question is very timely! I'm sure a lot of my readers are also wondering about the same thing.

Thought: I'm so glad the world has finally appreciated how lovely the color orange is!

Gone are the days when people would tag the orange lipstick (or any orange- hued makeup in general) as grandma's makeup! I dub thee, the new red lipstick! :)

Orange is a very striking color so make sure you tone down the rest of your makeup. The point of wearing orange lipstick is you want your lips to stand out. Click READ MORE and find out how you can wear orange lipstick, plus check out some of my cool recommendations!

Lime Crime My Beautiful Rocket

- It's a lovely true orange shade. It literally stands out!

MAC Morange

- Considered as one of the cult orange lipsticks by various beauty and fashion mags and bloggers. It's a neon orange lipstick with a patent finish. It screams retro chic!

Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Siren

- An affordable and beautiful bright orange lipstick. The vintage tube gives it a classy appeal!

Nars Casablanca

- A warmer shade of orange that you can wear to work or school

Orange lipsticks will look good with the following blushes:

1. Brown, Bronze, beige
2. Light peach, dusty peach
3. Bright Orange (If you're daring enough to pull the bright-on-bright makeup look)

I've found some great ways to wear orange lipstick. Check 'em out:

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If worn correctly, orange lipsticks can give you a fresh look. For daytime, wear a light peach blush, contour your cheeks, wear a few layers of mascara, and a thin line of eyeliner.

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Add a bit of drama to your eyes by adding a thicker layer of eyeliner, a hint of peach eyeshadow onto your lids, cream eyeshadow on your brow bones, add more layers of mascara, and add gloss to your lips for a sultry night time look.

There you go! Hope this helps! :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thanks for the tips Ms. Martha! I've tried wearing orange lipstick and it's fun! Hehe

    I think etude house has a collection of affordable orange lipsticks!

  2. Great! My friend just gave me an orange shade lipstick from in2it! Now I know what look should I do :D Thanks for Elie and Ms. M.

  3. OMG! I've always been in love with orange lips since my friend let me try MAC's Morange.

    I love your recommendations. Indeed, orange lips = interesting and retro!

  4. Nice question! Matagal ko na din mg try ng orange lipstick kaya lang lagi ko nakikita is yung medyo orangey red not the true orange or close to orange itself.

  5. These are awesome tips on pulling off this year's pantone (orange is in close relation to tango tangerine anyway)! Bigla ako tuloy napaisip to check out orange lippies...

    I recently saw one at Shiseido (shimmering rouge) --- so pretty but i shied away from it fearing i didnt have anything in my kikay kit to pair it with. This post makes me want to head back to that lippie!

  6. I don't wear true orange lipsticks because I feel it's too much. Haha! I like them coral.

  7. i recently bought an orange lipstick.. i'm so glad you posted this.. ;)

  8. " I'm so glad the world has finally appreciated how lovely the color orange is!" - Me too, Ms. Martha! :) I'm in love with orange lippies. <3

  9. Very helpful answer Miss Martha. :) I am really not risky in using lip colors on me. I do not know what would fit my skin tone so I stick to nudes or nude pinks. Thanks for this, I will try to use orange lipstick one of these days. :)

  10. Sarap tignan nitong orange lipstick! Kaso binabagayan ata talaga sya, for some reasons I find this orange lipstick kabogable pero dapat keri mo dalhin diba. Di ko pa natry di ko keri! :D

  11. i have been wanting to try an orange lippie. but iam so scared. kasi im not naman maputi... i noticed kasi na reds with hints of orange doesnt really compliment my skintone.


  12. oooooo... im scared! baka mag mukha pa rin akong grandma

  13. i'm more into orange lippies than reds... i feel like it compliments my skin tone :)


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