On God, Flooding, and the RH Bill

Twitter has been so active today because it proved to be the most effective way for everyone to summon government agencies, and those who have the means to aid people who are trapped in heavily flooded areas. Talk about "Digital Bayanihan." I salute everyone for trying their best to help by constantly passing information through social media.

But there are just some people who are trying to misuse the power of social media--they're just trying to irk people and much worse, enforcing a fact by using God. Apparently, some people are taking advantage of the situation by tweeting that the Filipinos are being punished for creating the RH Bill which I think, pardon my french, is a STUPID reason to convince everyone that the RH Bill is an "evil" law.

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It is quite tactless to tweet about this, especially at a time when almost everyone is suffering and dying in the cold and flood. It's tantamount to saying that those who are currently suffering deserve this punishment, and it's very, very unfair because I'd like to believe that the victims are innocent. I mean, why would God punish those who don't even know that such bill exists, or might not even have an inkling as to what the RH bill is all about? Are these people saying that God is an unjust God? Because that's what it seems to me. C'mon, let's just stop this.

Preaching and abhorring of the RH Bill cannot save people now. Whether you're PRO or ANTI, let's set aside our propagandistic motives for now--there is an apt time for these things. Instead, let's just do our part and spread the relevant information around so we can help our fellowmen in the fastest way possible.

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  1. I've read a tweet from a high school classmate and according to her because of the RH Bill, God's wrath has sent floods to our country. It's just so illogical and senseless.

    Why connect these things when it has nothing to do with one another...

    Plus, no one has the right to speak on behalf of God. Ano sya dyos???

    Well, she deleted her tweet and unfollowed me. Guess she's being childish about this.

    Hope she'll get into her senses. Nakooo...

  2. I agree with you, Martha. God doesn't punish people. What we are experiencing now is because most of are not responsible citizens. Many of us throw our garbages anywhere, and just don't show enough appreciation and care to mother nature.
    This is unfair to the innocent victims and most especially, to God.

  3. God for me never punished.. He always knows what's best for us,even in this kind of situation. All we can do now is to help each other, and a big PRAY.

  4. I agree with Rizza. If there's any blaming to do (which, by the way, pointing fingers will just end up as a waste of time) it's for throwing our garbage everywhere.

    Let's just all help each other and pray indeed.

  5. Alexis: And if I may add, We are the ones who must be blamed for this. This is the result of our abuse to the environment.

    Pepay: Agree!

    Rizza: That is very true Rizza. God is not a bad God.

    Belle: Thanks for your thoughts Belle. That is true. It's just a propaganda that's all.

  6. When I saw this one on facebook, I kept thinking, are we still living on the middle ages to think that God punishes people for creating a law? In psychology, it's purely illogical & would rate to a mind of a child.

  7. Its nonsense that people are trying to connect those 2 together.. God is a merciful God. He won't PUNISH His people because of some...law.
    And yes, it is us who made this calamity. If only we are disciplined enough to know the simple things, like throwing garbage at the RIGHT places.

  8. grabe talaga pag-iisip ng mga tao ngayon. para lang masabi na hindi tayo ang may kasalanan sa pagganti ni mother nature. tsk. tsk. tsk. pero wala namang imposible basta magdadasal tayo. #PrayforthePhilippines

  9. Yes. I know that it's not their intention to make God a bad one, but it's what they're doing. I hope they realize that.

  10. Some people are like that, just to blame somebody for the bad ting happening to us. But now is not the time for sisihan. We should take care of our environment, or else worst thing might happen.


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