Review: Lime Crime Uniliner in Lazuli

Here's a review on Lime Crime's Uniliner in Lazuli

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I remember telling a beauty blogger friend that I'm lemming for a cobalt blue eyeliner. And finally I have one: It's Lime Crime's Uniliner in Lazuli

The Uniliners are some of Lime Crime's newest products. It comes in an array of rainbow- like shades. It can be used alone, or can be stacked on top of traditional eyeliner. If you're adventurous enough, you can purchase a couple of shades and layer them on in one application!

Ingredients. Lime Crime prides themselves on their cruelty- free makeups. No unicorns were hurt during the creation of these eyeliners. :D

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It comes in a compact acrylic tube that's so easy to carry.


Here's the brush applicator. It has a fine body, but it's not as precise as I expected it to be. I've seen more pointy brushes than this. I don't really have a problem with the brush because I'm already good at lining my eyes. But for the benefit of those who are new to eyelining, I still think you won't have a hard time creating thinner and precise lines with the brush because it is not as dense and thick as traditional eyeliner applicators.

Lazuli is a color inspired by the semi- precious stone, Lapis Lazuli. These stones range from dark blue, to cobalt blue, and periwinkle blue. Lime Crime described Lazuli as a bright blue color with a purple undertone. But to me, it's Cobalt Blue! Yey!

Product glides on easily, dries up quickly, and doesn't sting. However, I wish it were more opaque. I find that its consistency is a bit watery, and it took me three swipes to achieve this color payoff. For reference, I have very oily lids. It stays on all day without streaking and smudging but at the end of the day, it fades for just a bit. So I use an eye primer underneath to help retain the color's vibrance. You can still use it sans the help of eye primer because it doesn't smear, but I would still recommend it anyway because the product performs better with it.

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It comes in 5 eye popping shades. I'm lemming for Citreuse (Yellow Green) and 6th Element (Orange)!

I would buy it again because the colors are unique and lovely. It's an easy way to wear statement eye makeup, and not an outrageous way to spice up your eyes. Lazuli makes my eyes pop, and it makes my makeup interesting. In fact, people would always pay my eyes a compliment whenever I'm wearing Lazuli!

If you're interested, please inquire and order through THE BALIKBAYAN BOX SALE on Facebook.

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  1. It really looks good on you.. Or shall I say that everything looks great on you..

    btw, will you be getting another color?? ;))

  2. ooh! the packaging is really beautiful. and i loove blue with yellow-ish colors.. i love it on you! :)


  3. I like the yellow green and orange too!! Super eye-catching yung cobalt blue. :)

  4. Astig.. :p

    I usually wear black eyeliner.. Ma try nga to..

    You always give your readers new ideas :)) many thanks Ms. Martha!

  5. Oh my!

    *drooling over the colors*

    Ganda talaga, Ms. Martha! ^__^

  6. Angela: thank you dear! Just post a link of the post you're talking about on my fb fan page. :D Thank you! :D I'm excited to read it! :D

    Pepay: thanks dear! :D

    Rizza: True! :D

    Michelle: Thank you my sweet! :D

    Marjorie: Yes, but not now. Still have a lot of eyeliners! :p

  7. OMG!!! really?? I can't wait for the next cute & colorful eye make up!!! ;))

  8. i love the color! this is a great way to give your eyes a pop of color. i'm loving the orange too! :)

  9. Nice combination of colors! It's a good way para maiba naman from always using black eyeliner :D


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