Review: Nars Larger Than Life Lipgloss in Rouge Tribal

Here's a review on Nars Larger Than Life Lipgloss in Rouge Tribal

PRICE: P1,450.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: Nars Counters in: Glorietta 3 Makati; Shangri-La Mall; Essences; Robinson's Ermita


I adore dark lips. It just gives my overall look a touch of mystery and alluring sophistication. For me, it's the easiest way to make a statement.

Nars' Rouge Tribal is one of my favorite dark lip shades at the moment. It's in gloss form, and you guys know that I'm not very fond of lipgloss. But I made an exception for this one because it's such a head turning color! Click READ MORE and check out my review, plus get tips on how to wear dark lips!

It comes with a small brush applicator. It works so well with the lipgloss' consistency.

Rouge Tribal is a beautiful burgundy color with flecks of gold glimmer. It is part of their Fall Color Collection for 2012. It has a semi- opaque finish. You can apply one or two layers for a just- bitten stain, or layer it on for a bolder finish. Its consistency is semi- sticky, yet feels lightweight when worn. Staying power is pretty good for a lipgloss: It's in a long wearing formula, and the color fades gradually whenever you use your lips--it doesn't get wiped off in an instant unlike other lipglosses.

However, it has a tendency to settle into fine lines, but I don't mind because it gives my lips a lovely 3D look.

Here's me wearing Rouge Tribal

It clings so well to my lips, but it doesn't dry 'em out. It even moisturizes them!


1. When you wear dark lip products, you are highlighting your lips. So make sure to tone down the rest of your makeup.
2. Find the right shade of dark lipstick for your skintone
3. Dark lips can wash you out since they're striking and bold on their own. Balance your look by emphasizing your eyes. Stick to neutral shades like black and brown because in general, they look good on almost all dark lip products.
4. Use a light shade of blush as bold and bright shades may clash with your lip color. Or better yet, just stick to contouring powders. Less is more.

Once you have mastered these basic steps, you can finally experiment with dark lips. I'll expound on these tips in a separate post. :)

I recommend this lipgloss because the color is unique and gorgeous! Totally perfect for fall! It's now out in all local Nars counters, so please check it out. :)

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wooow!!! the color looks gorgeous!

  2. lahlab: indeed it is! thanks for dropping by my site! :)

  3. very luscious on your lips! love the color and the 3D effect on your lips. looks good with your make-up. nice look Ms. M! :)

  4. the 3D look? looks sooo mind blowing.. you could really be a cast from the twilight saga in this picture.. *fierce!*

  5. What a pigmented lip gloss. And such a lovely color!

  6. huwaw.... super ganda ng color.... *_*

    I'm also not fond of lipgloss.. meron kayang lipstick na ganyan ang shade? 0_0

  7. bagay na bagay po ang kulay sayo. pwede rin po ba ito sa mga fair skinned ladies?

  8. The color won't look pretty on me pero so vampy and gorgeous on you!

  9. This shade looks really good on you. I wish I have the guts to wear that shade. Haha. :D

  10. 1. I so love the colour of this gloss. I want na tuloy!
    2. You look so smashing in your photo. Very sexy but sophisticated.
    3. I've always been a fan of dark lips and am crazy enough to wear it even in day time. I so love the tips you gave on how to wear it.

  11. I wish I have the guts to wear that shade. I don't think it'll look good on me. Haha!

  12. ooh wow! it really looks sooo vampy and kmysterious miss m! i love it on you! but i dont know if colors like that will look okay on me too. :P hehe

  13. wow, bagay na bagay sayo Martha! it is gorgeous! :)


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