Sumptuous Sundays: Chef Laudico's BFAST

Hello guys! Here's a new delicious discovery by my BF and yours truly.

I love breakfast food. Who doesn't!? Breakfast food is the ultimate comfort food for me, and I could eat them all day. I was utterly delighted when I spotted Chef Laudico's BFAST restaurant while I was moseying around Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati.

MENU PRICE RANGE: P30.00- P300.00

I'm pretty sure everybody has heard of the famous chef Roland Laudico and yes, he and his wife own the restaurant. BFAST is an all- day breakfast cafe that offers well- loved Pinoy breakfast meals with a twist. I also found out that it's the Laudicos' first eco- friendly restaurant: Everything, from the walls, to tables, to chairs, and even the dining wares were made from recycled materials.

The lush green setting of the park will truly complement your experience, so I might I suggest that you sit outside!

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Wagyu Beef Tapa- P188.00 for wagyu beef? Why not!

Here's a closer look at the juicy tapa.

Wagyu Corned Beef- a bit burnt, but good nonetheless.

Closer look at the Wagyu Corned Beef

Organic Pork Sisig- made from organically- raised pork. It's a healthier version of the regular sisig, although it's still unhealthy if you consume it in large amounts.

Suman Panacotta- a lovely rendition of the classic suman! In my opinion, the desserts are the stars of BFAST!

Pralines- exclusively made by Chef Jackie Laudico. The green one is white chocolate with a citrus filling inside. They call it Kalamansi, but I'm not so sure though. :p The brown one is Manila Vanilla: milk chocolate goodness with a soft, chewy milk chocolate filling!

I'll definitely go back. I've read reviews saying that there's nothing special about the restaurant, but I beg to differ. Servings are quite hefty, and food is pretty affordable and good. There's not much you can do about breakfast food, and I think the chefs have done a good job at modernizing Pinoy Breakfast fare and further improvement is unnecessary. Besides, breakfast food is already good as it is.

Chef Laudico's BFAST is located at Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. OEm! great resto find Ms. M! and Wagyu Beef Tapa for P188.00? affordable ha! :))

    We should try this! and good thing it's near his office! yey!

  2. I don't usually eat breakfast but maybe this will make me, esp because it's just across my office! The tapa looks goooooood :)

    I have an ongoing giveaway!


  3. Suman Panacotta and Pralines look delicious. My mom will love this restaurant. Thanks a lot for sharing, Ms. Martha. .^_^.

  4. I was screaming at the sight of sisig!!! How was it? Spicy, dry, yummy, mouth watering?
    It's not on a sizzling plate??

  5. My boyfriend and I need to visit this place! I wanna try their Suman Panacotta, Wagyu Beef Tapa and Organic Pork Sisig. :D

  6. oh my, your photos make me hungry :s

  7. Oh my gooooood that tapa O____O I hate these Sumptuous Sunday posts; they always make me crave. Just kidding! I love these! You give us the heads-up on great restos!

  8. I remember availing their buffet serving when I last ate there! food is really good!

  9. the tapa made me very hungry! i looove love tapsilog! i want to try this out! :)


  10. the wagyu beef tapa looks yummy! :)


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