Take Control Live The A!Life Contest Launch

Last week, A!Life had a small blogger gathering over sumptuous dinner to launch their 'Take Control Live The A!Life' contest. The brand ambassadors for A!Life control were also introduced in the event. The venue was at Cerchio Restaurant, Tomas Morato, Q.C.

While waiting for the other guests, I just posed to kill time. LOL!

Ms Diana Gener, Brand Manager for Pascual Laboratories in a short but sweet welcoming speech. She also talked about A!Life's supplements, specifically A!Life Control.

Ms Joan, a renowned nutritionist and health consultant, explained to us the benefits of White Kidney Bean, and educated us on the importance of eating healthy meals and having a balanced diet.

Fashion maven Dominique Tiu of Konichiwear is also one of A!Life's brand ambassadors. She talked about how one can take control over his/her personal style by knowing what kind of clothes will suit what body type.

With Tara of Chronicles of Vanity

I am so happy to be part of this team. Thank you very much for choosing me, Pascual Lab!

Read all about Dominique, Czjai, and I's musings in the 'Take Control, Live The A!Life' app. But before anything else, join the contest and get a chance to become the next online ambassador for A!Life Control!

Please visit the contest app here


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  1. You are getting pretty as time goes by! :D Dahil bonggang follower mo ko nakikita ko talaga napumapayat ka and naggoglow.. ano secret aside from exercising?

  2. What more can you ask for.. You're a beauty inside and out Ms. M... ;))

  3. Czjai: Thanks dear! See you at the shoot! :)

    Marjorie: Thank you! :D

    Rizza: Thanks! :)

    Anonymous: Yep! Will do! :)

    Josie: Thanks dear! :D

  4. i wanted to try your core workout! in my dreams hahaha! it's one hell of an exercise! hardcore it is! I love your nice figure Ms. Martha!

  5. The dress really emphasized your gorge body. :)

  6. I love your outfit! Pretty in blue. Super bagay nung color sayo, Ms. Martha. Where did you buy your pumps? I love it. :)


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