Benetton Let's Move Let's Love Fragrance Launch+Studio 116 Zumba and SHIBA Demo!

Benetton has just released two new fragrances that celebrate the dynamism of Youth: Let's Move and Let's Love.

Emily Sy- Koa, Marketing Manager, FReSH Fragrance Bar

The grand launch of the new fragrances was held by FReSH Fragrance Bar (by Midas Brands), the exclusive distributor of Benetton Fragrances in the Philippines.

As a way to imbibe the message and spirit of the new fragrances, FReSH Fragrance Bar has invited my beloved Studio 116 Dance School to demonstrate a sizzling Zumba and SHIBA routine for the guests.

 Michelle Dizon, licensed Zumba instructor, Studio 116 Dance School

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The guests enjoying Teacher Mich's hot Zumba demo.

 The second part of the demo featured SHIBA, a sexy way to lose weight: It is a fusion of various sexy ballroom dances using upbeat Latin and contemporary music. SHIBA helps improve flexibility and stance, while toning the core at the same time. SHIBA is exclusive to Studio 116 Dance School. You won't find it elsewhere! :)

 With my girls: Emily, Jheng, Mikki, Shen, Chrissy, Michelle, and Sophie

 Let's Move is for the modern, young, energetic, man who has a genuine zest for life. This fougere ambery spicy fragrance housed in a water bottle- inspired flacon is the perfect companion for the young lad who is in search for his next adventure.

Let's Love is for the romantic, young lady who is on an exciting journey to love. It is a sensual fruity floral fragrance caressed by the tenderness of cashmere musk, and is perfectly housed in a round bottle that symbolizes femininity. It evokes pleasant memories and tender moments of any delightful love story.

 It was such a lovely night! Thank you Studio 116 and FReSH Fragrance!

Let's Love EDT comes in 30ml (P850.00) and 100ml (P1,450.00), and Let's Move EDT comes in 40ml (P950.00) and 100ml (P1,450.00) sizes.

Please visit STUDIO 116 DANCE SCHOOL on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for more updates.

Please visit FRESH FRAGRANCE BAR on Facebook for more details about Benetton's new fragrances.

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  1. interesting fragance....can't wait to have one soon.^_^

  2. wow! these fragrances are affordable for a high end brand! ^_^ I'll go check 'em out soon!

    Stay pretty Martha!

    P.S. I hope you'll update more videos on your channel. I'd love to see more of your videos! I totally enjoy watching your vids!



  3. Iya: Yes, yes, will upload one this week! :)

    Purple clandestine: Go ahead dear! I'm sure you'll love it. :)


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