Hauls and Gifts for the week

Hello everyone! Just wanna you guys some of the stuff I got last week. :)

Cute bustier dress I bought from an online store named Boosteyay. It's nice, but it's reeaaalllyyy hard to slip into and out of it. :(

My first- ever MeMeMe product from Makeupholics Online. Thank you so much, Melanie! Can't wait to try it! :)

All- new Vineyard Peach bath line and Dragonfruit lipbalm from The Body Shop Philippines. Thank you guys!

And the highlight of my haul: A mobile 4- compartment plastic drawer from Muji! If you guys are following me on Twitter, you'll recall that for the last two or three days, I've been asking for feedback on where I can find good makeup storage. A lot said True Value is the place to go, but I didn't quite like the overall look and feel of the drawers they're selling. So to Muji, I went. To be honest, I found this really expensive but it looks sophisticated, feels sturdy, and the drawers have stoppers at the back! Suffice to say, it's truly worth the purchase! I will tell you more about this fab find of mine in another post or a video, perhaps? Hmmm..I'll just do both! :D

Have a great Wednesday everybody! :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've been busy lately so I told myself to read all your new entries on Friday, but I really miss your blog. Haha! Plus, this tweet, "Hauls+I've found the perfect makeup storage!" made me excited. :)) Can't wait for the video! :D

  2. Yay for Muji storage! I'm sold on the acrylic drawers since I dont have a lot and less space means less reason for buying more makeup. Haha!

  3. wow! like the dress and your new drawer.. :) ♥

  4. Wow I have the same dress but different color! :D It's really cute but true it's too tight to wear :D

    I'll be waiting for your review of your new make-up storage. I've been looking for a storage too but I need to consider the price :D

  5. I love the bustier dress! I bet it looks good on you!<3


  6. Love the dress, so cute! Matagal ko na din gusto mag shop online ng corset or bustier dress but my problem is baka magkamali ako ng size.

  7. Rizza: hello! awww...sweet! thanks for being an avid reader :)

    Sara: hello there sara! :) Yay for me, huhu for my wallet. lol! I'm also lusting over those acrylic drawers but they're goddamn expensive hahah.

    sincere: thanks dear!

    Gen zel: Thanks! Will try to shoot the video tomorrow :)

    Hazel: what particular product are you asking about, dear? :)

    Harmony and Jean: thanks girls! :)

    Kath: go for the free size ones. this one is free size. unfortunately, the torso area is not too flexible. I almost died while I was wearing this haha!

  8. Thanks Ms. M! Will wait for your video :)


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