Hot and Fresh: Ever New's Monte Carlo Collection

Ever New takes you on a splendid European coastal journey through the new Monte Carlo collection, a collection inspired by classic nautical prints and the vibrant Mediterranean lifestyle.

The collection features navajo blue silk dresses and printed tops in rich hues of golden yellow and navy blue.

Sheer tops and comfortable bottoms give you that statement seaside look. Monte Carlo also has clutches, shoulder bags, and totes in vivid neon and nautical combinations.

To complete your Monte Carlo look, take your pick from their stunning collection of flats, sandals, faux leather heels, and woven wedges with scarf details.

Cap off your look with Monte Carlo's array of accessories ranging from silk scarves, to chunky neon bangles, to polished metal necklaces and earrings, and to stylish chain belts in gold and silver. Monte Carlo accessories for iPad and iPhone are also available.

Boohoo. My camera has crashed, and all the pics I took during the exclusive launch were deleted! :( Good thing I managed to take an Instagram pic of my mini haul: I got a chunky lime yellow bangle, chunky floral earrings in white, sunglasses pouch in lime yellow, and a Monte Carlo umbrella for my mom.

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  1. I want their accessories for iPhone! Must check this! :) thanks Ms. Martha! ♥


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