LOTD: Feminine

Just sharing what I wore to Benefit's event yesterday. Btw, congratulations to Benefit Philippines on their 3rd store! Wow, the brand has only been here for a year and it has expanded pretty fast! I'm so happy for you guys! :)

TOP: From Market! Market!
BOTTOM: I.Candy from The Ramp at Crossings

By the way, I'm so loving my hair right now. It looks prettier and more decent than what it was. Thank you Jude Hippolito of JURO salon, I am sooo happy with the cut! And another by the way: I'm changing my hair color later! Can't wait to sport a new hair color, and of course, to tell everyone about JURO salon. :D

Footwear: Nine West
Accessories: From my ninang

To complete my ultra feminine look, I have used my Samantha Thavasa bag. :)

That's all folks! Happy weekend! :)

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I saw you at the event, Ms. Martha. You're sooo pretty. I want to take a picture with you sana. Kaso I'm so shy e. Parang ilang times ko inattempt na iapproach ka, nahihiya lang talaga ko. :D I love your outfit. .^_^.

  2. This was the day I saw you in person. Yee! :)

  3. Ms.M where in market market do u buy your blouse? I notice mahilig ka sa ganyan, you have diff colors :)

  4. Beautiful as ever! Fashion-forward, too! ^__^

  5. kate: hello! Thanks! wow! sayang! You should've said hi! :D

    Angelamhiere: thank you! :D

    Rizza: Lol! thanks! hope to see you soon! :)

    Josie: At the tiangge area dear. Forgot what stall. It's practically everywhere so I'm pretty sure you'll see one right away :)

  6. Next time I will greet you na talaga. Ang dami kasing tao kanina. :D Super nastarstruck ako sa'yo kanina. ^_^ super pretty! .^_^.

  7. weee front of Mango/Slice! I wonder kelan kaya kita makakasalubong hehehe :P super girly outfit!

  8. Pretty, lagi naman ^_^ Love the look sis :D

  9. You look so cute in the photos, Martha! I want to copy sana kasi I have a similar skirt pero medyo mahirap bagayan kasi hot pink. Hahaha!

  10. your style is like lauren conrad's. chic, classy and sophisticated. naks! :)))

  11. You really nailed it! Ang cute nung skirt. :)

  12. so simple yet your outfit speaks a lot!

    im one of those women who doesnt have a look yet. just trying all the trend that i can afford to see what fits me best.

  13. So pretty! I love this kind of look. Simple, yet fashionable. Head turner! :)


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