Review: Snoe Snoe White Maximum Strength Moringa Milk Whitening Scrub

Here's a review on Snoe's Snoe White Maximum Strength Moringa Milk Whitening Scrub

PRICE: Around P300.00
PLACE BOUGHT: Snoe, Market! Market!
OTHER LOCATIONS: Please refer to Snoe Beauty Inc. on Facebook


Here's something for our tough, dry dead skin cells: Snoe's Snoe White milk scrub. It's the driest and toughest body scrub I've ever used, and it really works in getting rid of those dead skin layers on your skin.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Nonfat Dry Milk, Fragrance, Kojic Acid, Cerica Papaya Extract, Fragrance, Water, Gycerine, Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Extract, Malaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Blue 1, Yellow 5

Comes with a plastic spoon to ensure that the fresh product remains untouched before usage. However, it takes a bit of effort to use since the bottle's opening is quite small for me to use the spoon productively.

The scrub has a nice milky floral scent. It's really gritty, and I like it. It actually reminds me of Abonne's Spa Milk Salt, (the brand that started the craze on milk bath and body products) but this one feels rougher. It gives me a feeling that I've gotten rid of those pesky dead skin layers for real. It can sting for a bit due to the salt ingredient, but I assure you it's completely tolerable.

For people with dry skin, it's best to use it in conjunction with soap or body wash because it can irritate your skin. I have used it on my underarms for 2 months and I've seen a brightening effect, although not that much. But my underarms felt smoother and cleaner because it helps get rid of stubborn ingrown hair.


1. Dry scrub is best used on dry skin. I take a 5 peso coin- sized amount and apply it on my underarms, and I scrub gently.
2. After scrubbing each underarm for 2 minutes, I rinse it off.
3. I take two more scoops for my underarms, and leave it on for 5 minutes.
3. After 5 minutes, I hit the shower again and rinse it off completely.

Overall, it's a cute product, it sloughs off dead skin effectively, and I love its scent. I even think that of all the dry scrubs I've tried, this one's the toughest. But I won't really buy it again because I didn't fully experience its promise.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thanks for this post Ms. M. I was also thinking of buying it since my current body scrub is almost finished. Have you tried Asian Secrets Lurlur scrub?

  2. I heard the oatmeal one was better..bench oat milk scrub works also :)

  3. I'm obsessed with Underarm pampering :D must try this :)

  4. I have the Abonne milk salt, totally great for scrubbing off dead skin cells.. I have Snoe White Extra Whitening Glutathione beauty bar which I won from a giveaway, it also smells good! saka di man ako pumuputi ng bongga eh nagppantay ang kulay ko.. ;))

  5. Thanks for sharing this article with us so we can share it with others. Keep up the good work!

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  6. Gen-Zel: Yes I did. I have a review already. :)

    Angelie: You're welcome and welcome to tbj! :)

    Marjorie: Glad to know it works on you! :)

    Jessica: Thanks for the reco! I'll try that one and ya, a lot of bloggers favor snoe's oatmeal scrub more. :)

  7. Hi Martha! Do you think this will work for chickened skin?


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