Review: T.LeClerc Theophile Lipstick in 03 Corail

Here's a review on T.LeClerc Theophile Lipstick in Corail

PRICE: P795.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Rustan's Malls nationwide


I've finally found a good daytime Coral lipstick: It's not too light, and not too loud. It flatters my skin tone, and most especially, it's affordable for a lipstick with very good quality.

FYI: The Theophile lipsticks were made to celebrate the 130th birthday of the founding father of T.LeClerc, Theophile Le Clerc. This matte lipstick line with a powdery feel also pays tribute to T.LeClerc's iconic face powder, the product that made the brand famous the world over.

The Theophile lipstick comes in 5 other shades: 01 Rouge, 02 Rose, 04 Beige, 05 Poudre, 06 Cerise Click READ MORE and read the rest of my review.

It comes in a lightweight steel, matte silver packaging. T.LeClerc's packaging have this lovely vintage look and feel, reminiscent of elaborate makeup compacts of the Victorian era.

I really had a hard time capturing the real color of this shade on my camera. These two pics have the most accurate shade swatches, but not quite. LOL!

This is the most accurate depiction of the shade that I can find. It took me 20 shots to get this!

Corail is a midtone coral shade. I think it will look good either on dark or fair skin tones.

The texture of this lipstick is lightweight, ultra creamy, and silky. It's like my Anna Sui Rouge M Lipstick, but this one's more affordable and accessible. It delivers a good dose of color in one swipe. It has a light perfume-y scent. It yields a soft matte finish that lasts for a good 3 hours on me. However, the color feathers especially on dry and chapped areas. It's not really a problem for me because my lips aren't too dry. But if this is your problem, I suggest you scrub your lips prior to using this product.

It's a very lovely color, and it imparts a slight healthy- looking sheen to my lips. T.LeClerc is a great brand but unfortunately, it's not getting the exposure it needs. I think Filipinas have to discover this brand because overall, the brand has great products! So if you see T.LeClerc in one of your mall trips, please do check the brand out, especially their loose and pressed powders.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. It looks good on you Ms. Martha! :)

  2. The packaging is so unique.. :) honestly almost all shades of lippies suites you Ms. Martha. :)

  3. i'm just wondering, can you describe the light scent it has?? because some lipsticks smell like... uhmm.. something else? ehehe

  4. You look so pretty! And this product looks nice...affordable nga!

  5. ive always wanted that perfect shade of coral lippie... and im glad you shared it with us, martha! :D and it really looks good on you! :)

  6. the shade looks good on you Martha! :)

  7. Just discovered these lippies. Ang ganda pala. And it's one of the less expensive "fancy" lipsticks in Rustan's. At least, slightly less expensive than MAC. --Matromao


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