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Old Swiss Inn is one of the oldest restaurants in Manila. Wanna know how old this place is? The first branch has opened in Paco in 1946! I remember, Mom and I used to go to the Makati branch when I was about 8 or 9 years old and I recall ordering only one thing: Barley Soup! Until now, it's the same, good ol' Barley Soup I used to love. Old Swiss Inn is still one of my go- to places for good food, and I really commend the great service of the waiters here! 

PRICE RANGE: P200.00-P600.00

There were no people in the restaurant because this photo was taken at 3 a.m.!

Old Swiss Inn is open for 24 hours and it's definitely one of the go-to places of people who love eating sumptuous dishes after partying or drinking all night. The place is very cozy, and reminds me of drinking pubs. (They serve beer too)

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 Soft, warm rolls and it's for free! LOL! You all know how much I love free bread. :D

 Raclette Cheese- Piping hot melted cheese served on a hot plate. Raclette is one of my fave cheeses. (second to Brie) Raclette cheese is always best eaten with potatoes, pickled onion, and pickles.

 Gnagi Pork Knuckles- You can have it either baked or boiled. I prefer baked because I love it when Pork is crunchy and juicy. It comes with a cup of steaming white rice, special gravy, sauerkraut, and a side salad of lettuce drizzled with sour dressing.

 Zurich Geschnetzeltes- Shredded Pork in mushroom cream sauce with Potato Roseti. (Julienned potatoes with cheese and bacon bits) It's sooo good, especially the Roseti Potatoes.

 Red Velvet- moist cake with cream cheese icing. It's not too sweet and I like it!

Good ol' chocolate cake ordered by my BF.

MUST TRY- Cheese fondues, Corned Beef

TIP: There's free wi-fi!

I'm pretty sure most (if not all) of you have already been to this restaurant. Do let me know what's your favorite Old Swiss Inn dish!

Old Swiss Inn is located in Sommerset Olympia Makati, Makati City and Garden Plaza Hotel, Paco, Manila.

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  1. I love this place. When I'm craving for steak in the wee hours of the morning, I go here. Glad you love the place too.

  2. P200-P600? Wow! And the food looks great! Have to check this out sometime. :D

  3. oh. i love cheese. must visit that place :D

  4. woot. i just ate lunch pero after reading this gutom nnmn ako. lol

  5. One of my favorite restaurants. I like their complimentary bread too! And yes, they have good customer service. :)


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