New Davidoff Cool Water Sensual Essence for Women

So my ultimate favorite Davidoff Cool Water for Women has grown up into something sultry and glamorous. Davidoff Cool Water Sensual Essence for women takes inspiration from a rapturing sunset afternoon at the seashore.

 Warm rays of golden light hit the crystal blue waters, emitting rays of radiant shimmer. The skies turn into a palette of orange and blue, the warmth of the sunset caresses your skin, and the wind gently kisses your cheek. Far across the vast waters, the sun, with all its might, sets a final orange blaze at the horizon as it bids goodbye. Unforgettable. Majestic. Glorious.

Oh now I miss the feeling of lounging at the seashore on a sunset--the elating feeling of watching the sun as it sets while my feet rests on a bed of soft sand, and the cool seawater touching my skin. Take me back to paradise.

Davidoff Cool Water Sensual Essence comes in 30ml (P2,598.00), 50ml (P3,698.00), and 100ml (P4,698.00) bottles. It also comes with a complementing body wash and body lotion. It is available in Rustans and all leading department stores.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. .its really majestic and elegant to the eye.,i hope the smell will also takes my breath away.^_^

  2. I've always been into summery clean scents so again, another one that seems to be up my alley.

    Di ko na alam tuloy kung aling perfume ang bibilhin. Hahaha!

  3. oh wow! the way you described the scent makes me wanna get this! :)

  4. I love davidoff! can't wait to try this new scent :D

  5. yay this post makes me miss the beach :)

  6. Hello girls! Same here! This is part of my wishlist already! :D


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