Sample Room: Giving you the BANG for your buck!

When Sophie Uy of Beautynomics had told about Sample Room, I wasn’t so sure if I was excited about the idea as I thought it was another subscription website where you purchase a box with beauty samples. It isn’t new, you know, as there is some increasing prevalence of this type of buying experience nowadays. I think it’s a great idea but yah--it isn’t new. But when Sophie had thoroughly explained to me the whole concept of Sample Room, I’ve changed my mind in a flash and got SUPER EXCITED for it. Without a second thought, I said YES when Team Sample Room has invited me to become one of their Partner Bloggers. I don't say yes easily to collaborations, but Sample Room's vision just jives with one of The Beauty Junkee's goals: To help consumers make the most out of their hard- earned cash.

Sample Room, my dear friends, will change the way you buy beauty products. It's a sampling website with a goal to help women find the right beauty product for them through product sampling, but without the commitment of shelling out a considerable amount of cash on full- sized products. Sounds like another subscription website to you? Hold your horses--yes, it's a website that offers beauty samples but these samples are absolutely F-R-E-E. Not only that, Sample Room also offers you the freedom to grab the product that you want to try: Just choose from their impressive array of beauty samples ranging from deluxe to affordable, and local to international brands. Finally, you can say that "I've got the bang for my buck!" in every purchase that you'll make!

 Sample Room held a Partner Bloggers' night a few weeks back at Sutra Restaurant, BGC High Street Central to welcome us to the family.

Click READ MORE and find out who the other Partner Bloggers are, and learn more about Sample Room!

 Our menu for the night. :)

 Sophie, one of the beauty bloggers I admire. She's the epitome of hardwork, passion, and success!

Presenting my fellow Partner Bloggers!

 Liz of Project Vanity, Kumi of Loving Sunshine, and Julia of Bless My Bag.

Tara of Chronicles of Vanity and Shen of Shen's Addiction.

 Jheng of I Am Brigitte, Angela of Lush Angel, and Rowena of Animetric's World. The other Partner Bloggers, who were unfortunately absent during the night, are Nikki of Askmewhats, Phoebe of Luxe.Bite.Snap.Wander, and Marj of The Traveling Heels.

 Incidentally, it was Rowena's birthday that night and it was so sweet of Team Sample Room to surprise her with a birthday cake! :)

 The admirable beauties (and brains!) behind sample room: Diana, Nats, Sophie, and Kaths.

I love Sample Room! It is an honor to have been chosen as your Partner Blogger!

Here's a lil' faq sheet about Sample Room. It's not yet active, but the launch date is very, very near so visit the site, subscribe, and be one of its first members!

"How do I become a member and how does it work?"

1. Visit Sample Room's website and sign up for an account.
2. As a new member, you will be given 100 points (or Play Money as aptly called by Sophie) to use to "purchase" the samples. There are samples that cost for as low as 10 points, while the deluxe samples can go up to 70-100 points. Once you're a member, all the samples are available for you to purchase. No ranking or extra costs required!
3. When you're satisfied with your "purchase", go to the checkout page to process your orders.
4. Fill in all the necessary details for shipment. Sample Room would have to charge you for the shipment in order for them to keep the ball rolling but hey, that's okay because team Sample Room is using an affordable courier. :)

"So I have no more points. How will I 'repurchase'?"

1. Just make a review of and rank the products you've purchased right on Sample Room's website. Your review doesn't have to be too long.
2. When your review has registered on their system, you will regain the same number of points you've used to purchase the product/s. For example:

Lotion X= 15 points
Your review for Lotion X- REGISTERED
Points received= 15

Foundation Y= 100 points
Your review for Foundation Y- REGISTERED
Points received= 100

3. Review all the products you've purchased from Sample Room on the same website in order for you to earn points.
4. For bloggers, blog reviews are not counted. You have the option to review it on your blog, but you will not gain points for that.

Apart from providing convenience to womankind, Sample Room also aims to be a local version of Makeupalley, where all consumer reviews will be curated. It's our one-stop site for beauty reviews and sampling. How awesome is that!??! :)

Visit SAMPLE ROOM'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE and subscribe to their updates. Don't forget to check them out on SAMPLE ROOM FACEBOOK and SAMPLE ROOM TWITTER and interact with the team!

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  1. wow this is so cool! good job! i wanna meet ms. sophie , someday :)

  2. Immediately subscribed to their mailing list after reading this! So far, this is the best subscription thingy that I have heard of. :)

  3. Great concept! I joined the mailing list right away. Sana maging successful sila! :)

  4. Yay! I like this :D Excited to join!

  5. ay galeng! This is so brilliant, excited for the launch :)

  6. I totally signed up for this! ^_^

    Finally! A company that gives justice to the whole concept of samples. ^_^


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    Haul: Human Heart Nature,MissBellaPH, Beauty Bar, The Balm

  7. I love Makeupalley and the Philippines' version will be even better! :) Cant wait for this!!

    The Misty Mom

  8. Shari: Diba?!?! I sooo love sample room. Not being biased, but it's really the better option amongst all the subscription websites here!

    Iya: Yey! :)

    Kath and Jenggay: Subscribe na dearies so you'll know when the actual launch is happening. :)

    Nikki: hello there and welcome to tbj! Knowing Sophie, I'm sure this will be a huge success! :D

    Jas: Same sentiments! That's why I became their partner blogger. It's the real TRY BEFORE YOU BUY :)

    Raych: Hey there! Hopefully, you will soon :)

  9. i will be a frequent visitor of sampke room.. big smiles :D


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