Snoe Sweet Hair and Body Glaze in Passion Fruit Parfait Review

Here's a review on Snoe Sweet Hair and Body Glaze

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You gotta give it to Snoe for coming up with products that can give most high end skincare brands a run for their money. They might have a few that are so-so but overall, I admire the brand for coming up with such innovative (and cute) products and one of these is the Sweet Hair and Body Glaze.

It's a lovely treat for your hair and skin: It creates a protective film on your hair strands against environmental aggressors, and it keeps your skin soft and smooth with a subtle sexy sheen. I like how it is infused with beneficial ingredients such as Argan Oil and Acai Berry. Mind you, these ingredients are so precious, ergo expensive. I like the fact that Snoe has managed to keep it affordable even though it contains pricey ingredients.

The variant I have is Passion Fruit Parfait, a lightly sweet and tangy fragrance. Passionfruit scents are sorta' overwhelming for me, but this one is amazingly tolerable. The scent doesn't stay on for too long, and I like it that way. If you get a whiff of this and you've fallen in love with the scent and you want it to stay longer, might I suggest you go get the complementary body mist.
This product is a dry oil mist: It won't leave you feeling greasy and icky, and it will never clog your pores. I prefer oil moisturizers more than lotions because I find that the sheer veil of glow that the former imparts truly compliments tan skin tones so this one really does it for me. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized without the heavy thick and feel, unlike traditional mineral oil- laden oil moisturizers. When I feel like it, I use it on my hair. I apply it on the mid-section to the roots, but I only use around two squirts because I already have enough oil on my scalp to last me a lifetime. Most of the time, I use it on my body because I prefer my hair unscented. It keeps my skin moisturized all day and most importantly, it doesn't feel slimy--the product dries to a semi- matte finish.

Sweet Hair and Body Glaze scents (L-R): Strawberry Smoothie, Nectarine Ginger Tea, Passion Fruit Parfait, Honey Dew, Tropical Cocktail, and Vanilla Bean and Butterscotch

It's a very good buy and as far as I know, it's the cheapest dry oil mist with great quality. I wish they would come out with light floral- scented ones because at the moment, the entire line only comes in varying candy scents and it's too syrupy for my liking. But if you fancy candy- scented bath and body stuff, you will love the Body Ritual Recipes line!

Going back to this product, I recommend it because it delivers! In my opinion, it's one of Snoe's best products ever. Pop it in your bag for an instant touch of glow anytime, anywhere! (I sound like a commercial here. LOL!)

Please visit SNOE BEAUTY on Facebook for more details about the Body Ritual Recipes line.

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  1. i have this product too...and believe it or not its not,its really great to use almost everywhere. i think the scent is kind of addicting.^_^

  2. hmm, this seems promising. I like that it can also be used for the hair. Great review as always. And I think I might check this product out soon.

  3. i love snoe..i have their bb cream, here comes the sunblock and their perfume my next buy is the lash glue.their products are very affordable!


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