SUMPTUOUS SUNDAYS: Stella Wood Fired Bistro

Remember in my last Sumptuous Sunday post where I said I'm cutting down on my trips to restaurants? Well, it was only good for a week. LOL! I can't help it, I had to try Stella Wood Fired Bistro 'cos a friend of mine said their food is really good. I caved in and went there with my mom to wrap up my day last Friday. I'm such a foodie at heart!

Stella Wood Fired Bistro is located at The Fort High Street Central, right beside one of my favorite restaurants to date, Cue Modern Barbecue. Their claim to fame: Their wood oven and wood oven- baked dishes. I don't know if it's just me, but I think wood oven- cooked food tastes better than gas oven- cooked ones. The former has a more smoky and flavorful taste, even if it's made with minimal ingredients.

PRICE RANGE: P200.00- P900.00

 Inside Stella Wood Fired Bistro

I wish they would improve on their lighting though. I find it too dim.

And since the lighting is too dim, pardon the not-so-stellar pics. Click READ MORE and check out what we've ordered!
 Forgot the actual name of this soup. All I remember is that it's made from pureed mushrooms. It's good: the perfect light starter to stimulate your appetite.

 Basmati Rice- I love how they have healthy choices for rice.

 Stella's Porchetta- One of the best selling main dishes, according to the waiter. It's a dish of two huge pork medallions with a crusty shell and soft real bacon stuffing, and accompanied with a fruity sauce on the side. I like it! Well, anything pork, I like. :)

Baked Salted Gindara- Mom's order. The huge crunchy- looking shell is salt, not bread. The Gindara meat was sitting on a mold made from rock salt.

This is how you cook fish: The "Malansa" taste was gone, the texture is fork tender, and the real taste of fish meat was retained. Of all the fish dishes I've eaten, this is perhaps my favorite because I can even eat it on its own. It also had a touch of butter on it, but I loved how it still tasted like fish meat. Most restaurants would drown fish meat in butter just to get rid of the "malansa" taste and in the end, it doesn't taste anything like fish at all.

Closer look

Warm Cookie Dough Cake- Ah, the star of the show! Soft and chewy cookie dough cake with a generous filling of chocolate chips topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with candied nuts. I love it and I cannot overemphasize! :D

By the way, all their portions are good for two!

Our bill was only P1,800.00++. It's pretty affordable considering that we've ordered a lot of food, plus iced teas as well. I would love to go back, especially for the fish and cake! :)

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  1. yup ms.martha i also prefer wood oven-cooked dishes better than gas oven cooked ones..its because the taste and the consistency of the foods that where cooked on wood oven is more tasty and like what you've said has more flavorful.^_^

  2. yay definitely a must try :)
    all of it was so palatable.yay how i wish they change their lighting, filipinos are picture addict and we dont want the flash always XD

  3. omg now i'm hungry! I want that dessert <3


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