Sumptuous Sundays: Thai Bistro

 Thai cuisine is one of my most favorite cuisines. On my cheat days, I'd always go for Thai food! Here's a good discovery, and I'm sure Thai food lovers and people who are dying for damn good Asian food will surely delight in Thai Bistro!

Inside Thai Bistro

PRICE RANGE: P200.00- P800.00

Photo taken from Thai Bistro's Facebook Fan Page

 Thai Bistro is located at the new Robinson's Magnolia in QC. It is owned and operated by Ms. Cecille Chang, one of the best Thai Cuisine chefs in the country and who prefers to be called as the 'Chef in Stilettos.' A woman with good taste both in food and fashion, Cecille's passion for style and preference for the best closet staples is reflected in the way she creates her dishes: Every food is made with the best ingredients--in fact, most of her ingredients are sourced from Bangkok, while the Soft Shell Crab is straight from California. (The place that cultivates the best Soft Shell Crabs) Each ingredient is meticulously chosen by Cecille herself to ensure that her customers will only experience the authentic taste of Thailand's culinary heritage, like how she would carefully select the best fashion pieces for her wardrobe.

Food coma ensues from here. Click READ MORE and check out what I ate!

 Thai Coffee, a Martini with an Asian flavor, (the Kaffir and Lemongrass in it gave it a refreshing taste) and good ol' Thai Milk Tea--with pearls!

 Roti with spiced tomato salsa dip.

 Fish cakes with sweet and sour sauce and a hoisin- like dip. This tastes so good! It has a light and crunchy texture, and the buttery taste of the fish entices your palate, and prepares it for more delicious foods! 

 Soft Shell Crab and Pomelo salad- I told Ms. Cecille that I never liked Pomelo salad, until I tried this one. Most Pomelo salads are just too fruity for my liking, (suffice to say, I'm better off eating the actual fruit) but this one literally tastes like salad! The crunchy texture of the Soft Shell Crab complements the softness of the Pomelo.

 Tom Yum- I like their serving because it's not too big. Regarding the taste, I like it too because it doesn't only taste like 'spicy water' unlike other local Tom Yum dishes. It reminds me of the yummy Tom Yum I had in Hawker's, Singapore: It awakens your taste buds with its tangy flavor followed by the mild seafood- taste, and the chili gives it a kick. It's like an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

 Mien Kham- Whoops! That orange glare came from a camera. Whenever I'll eat Thai Food, I usually go for my favorites. I'm never the type who's adventurous when eating. When I first saw this dish, I was like: "What the heck is that?" Ms. Cecille told me that it's one of their best- sellers. So I tried it and guess what? I loved it! It's Bethel (?) leaf with toasted onions, shrimp, peanuts, and topped with basil leaf and a kick of chili. You have to roll the leaf so you could eat it. If you're going to eat at Thai Bistro, order this!

 By the time this dish was served, I was already full and my mind wasn't working already. Forgive me friends, I have forgotten the name of this dish but I will update everyone. It's sort of a fresh spring roll wrapped in Mustard leaf, topped with shrimp, and stuffed with glass noodles, basil, and carrots. The spiced lime dip brings this tasty and light dish to perfection.

 Beef in Red curry--one of my most favorite Thai dishes. The cream drizzle on top gave it a creamy, smooth taste. It's almost like other beef in red curry renditions, but this one has a unique rich, coconut-y taste.

 Kha- Fish in caramelized ginger sauce. (?) It's sooo good with white rice! Sophie of Beautynomics rarely eats fish but this one, she loves!

Salt and Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab- Thai Bistro is the only place where you can eat affordable Soft Shell Crab dishes because the seafood itself is a pricey treat. This dish is also good with white rice, and its lightly salty taste counters the sweetness of Kha. I suggest you get this with Kha because both dishes complement each other.

 Pad Thai- I'm never without Pad Thai if I'm eating in Thai restos! This is how Pad Thai is traditionally made: It's in a net made from egg. The Pad Thai noodles of Thai Bistro are smooth, moist, soft, and easy to eat. It's not gummy, dry, or overcooked, which is the case sometimes with other Thai restaurants.

 THIS IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY EXPERIENCE! Portions of tapioca with coconut custard on top and infused chestnut bits. It's so light, so yummy, and it's something you can eat over and over again! I had two orders of this one!

 Bird's Nest- A very exotic and good dessert. Deep fried julienned strips of sweet potatoes are molded into a bird's nest with, and topped with coconut ice cream and caramel-kaffir-coconut dressing. One of the best- tasting fried desserts I've ever eaten.

Whew! Sorry if this post has made you hungry! :D

So there goes my trip to Thailand err-- I mean my Thai Bistro experience. Apart from the heavenly food, what I loved about the experience is that Ms. Cecille taught me to be adventurous when eating, specifically Thai foods. I never knew Thai Cuisine has this much culinary treasures beyond the usual dishes I got used to!

Personal tip from Ms. Cecille: Thai Food is best enjoyed with beer!

Great food is always made special with great company! I had a great time with some of my fashion blogger friends: Aisa Ipac, Earth Rullan, Ana Gonzales, and Paul Chuapoco.

 I highly recommend this restaurant! It's one of the restaurants where I would shell out a huge amount of money and not mind at all!

Please visit THAI BISTRO on Facebook for more information.

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  1. Looks delicious. I'd love to try the traditional, authentic type of pad thai one day.

  2. i've tried thai food once,it's so insane all the foods are spicy,I might as well describe the foods like how you describe it martha (if its not overcooked,it's dry) nevertheless the foods doesn't has theor consistency and I thought of never going to thai again. But with this review it opens me again to try the thai food once again.^_^

  3. i literally got hungry with this post :)

  4. Sarap, I've always been a sucker for Thai food hehe a must visit resto to ah.

  5. Hi girls! I am downright sure you'll love this restaurant. Speaking of which, I am now craving for it! :p

  6. thank you fir the good proud of THAI Bistro


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