Trick or Treat and then some

Just this afternoon, our village has held an annual Trick or Treat party for the kids in the neighborhood. It was organized by our Homeowners Association, which I believe was an intelligent way to legitimize candy extortion from the residents. Prior to the party, a tyrannical letter from the management was sent out to each household asking everyone to partake in their sweet conspiracy, yet they guised it as a “donation letter”. As obedient occupants, we have yielded and purchased oodles of sweet treats to be given out to candy terrorists dressed in fancy costumes. It was psychological threat at its finest: those tiny zombies and ghouls didn’t dress up for Halloween's sake—They were subliminal reminders to the residents saying that those who resist shall meet a horrid fate: That could mean prohibition of the use of the swimming pool, and curfew for our mutts! Que horror!


Okay. I admit. I am totally sourgraping here. I’m just kidding! Our village is such a happy community, and we all like organizing events to have fun with each other. I did not have the luxury to experience this very fun event when I was younger, as I didn’t grow up in an exclusive village where cool parties like this would usually happen. Even though I won’t look cute in a princess outfit any longer, I still partook in the event as Halloween Santa and together with my family, we gave out yummy treats to the kids in the block.

 Sweet Jesus...

Instead of hard, sugary candies and contributing to childhood tooth loss, we just gave out softer snacks and cute cupcakes from SnR.

 I had arranged everything in an orderly manner, and the table literally looked like something you'd see in Candy Land. But it was a heartbreaking sight for me, as yesterday was my diet day and these treats were literally banned from my system.

At 7pm, I saw the kids rushing out of the clubhouse, the signal that the formal Trick or Treat party has ended. They were prancing along the streets while shouting "Trick or Treat!" in utter delight.

In less than 5 minutes, the line in front of our gate looked like this:

Me and my cute Bat headband

 There were all sorts of creatures in front of our house last night: There were the usual draculas, zombies, white ladies, fairies, super heroes, and princesses. There was even a kid clad in a Panda mascot, and who took his internalization to heart by not removing the gigantic head of his costume and trying to sound like a Panda bear.

 There were so many kids--big, small, fat, and thin. Some small kids in the line weren't able to stand a chance against the bigger tots, but the parents were there to supervise and ask on behalf of the smaller ones. We had limited each kid to three treats only to ensure that everybody got something, yet there was this chubby, cute girl dressed in a cupcake costume who pleaded for additional treats. I wanted to tell her "Yo kid, you're only allowed to have three treats!", but her beady little eyes and plump rosy cheeks were like Kryptonite. Alas, I ended up giving her four more. There was even a kid who threw a wild tantrum right on the street just because he didn't want to fall in line, so the parent of that feisty kid went up to me and requested if I could give her son the treats already so they could finally leave us in peace.

In less than 15 minutes, Candy Land was wiped out--it has left no trace just like the mysterious Mayan Civilization. There were kids who were too late, yet they've hopefully whispered to each other "It's okay! Let's just ask mommy to buy us candies!". There were parents who tried their luck by asking if we still had any scrap left for their poor little kid who woke up too late for the party, and there were also parents who were trying to appease their children by saying "Darlings, let's just go to Jollibee tomorrow."

It was such a fun night. I am definitely looking forward to next year's Trick or Treat party.

After witnessing that short and interesting real life trailer, I have realized one thing: When you're young, the world is at your feet: Everybody is willing to give you an opportunity therefore you have all the right to fail and try again until you succeed. In short, you are powerful.

That said, make the most out of your youth, kids. And strike while the iron is hot!

From me, Denver, and my busy brother: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :D

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  1. how I wish being a kid again.. lots of sweets!

    Happy Halloween Ms. Martha! :)

  2. "Everybody is willing to give you an opportunity therefore you have all the right to fail and try again until you succeed. In short, you are powerful." - THIS! Thank you for reminding me this, Martha. :)

    xx, Kim
    Kimpossibly Gorgeous

  3. you really got a nice neighborhood i guess...^_^

  4. Kath: happy halloween too! :)

    purple clandestine: very! thanks! :D

    Kim: welcome dear! :)

    Sincere: Happy Halloween too! :)

  5. The last picture is the best! You and the doggie look so happy!

  6. i love halloween i accompany my siblings with those, its tiring but fun!

  7. awwww so cute and generous! :D your golden retriever is so cute! hello denver :D

  8. Raych: he says hello too! :D

    Jenny: Wish I have baby siblings so I could bring them to parties like this too!

    Clair: Thanks clair! :D


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