EOTD: Sunset Eyes+Cop the Look

Hello everyone! I just spiced up my FOTD and EOTD posts. Due to popular demand, I am going (to try my best :D) to include mini tutorials of my eye makeup looks from this day forward.

To kick off my FOTD and EOTD ver. 2.0, here's a look I aptly called Sunset Eyes:


MeMeMe Fire Eyes Eye Collection:
Fire Eyes Eyeshadow Quad
MeMeMe Eye Sweep Liquid Eyeliner
MeMeMe Eye Line in Coal
MeMeMe Fat Cat Mascara

Click READ MORE and learn how you can sport this look!

 STEP 1: Prime your lids, then apply a sheer wash of orange eyeshadow all over it.

STEP 2: Using a hot pink shade, apply a sheer wash on your lower lids and right on top of the orange eyeshadow. Blend evenly.

 STEP 3: Using a brown-gold eyeshadow mixed with a little amount of red eyeshadow, apply some on your creases. Carefully blur out any sharp lines.

STEP 4: Using a cream shade, highlight your browbone. Line your lash line and water lines, apply mascara, and shape your brows as usual.

Allow me to say that I like the fierceness and evenness of my eye liner here. I suck at creating even eye lines, so this one is really an achievement for me. Hope I can recreate this in my next looks! :D



Hope you like this post! Stay tuned for more mini tutorials! :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love the way you lined your eyes here too! perfect! it's a very nice look Miss Martha! :)

  2. I love it! Thanks for this tutorial! Will be trying it out tomorrow.:D

  3. Could be just the lighting, but you seemed to have lost weight (based on how your face looks)

  4. nice! i need this! so helpful especially for beginners (like me) :) so happy na may mini tutorial na :)

    thank u so much Ms. Martha! ♥

  5. This is helpful for beginners like me. I am excited to try out this look. Thanks Ms.Martha :)

  6. my dream concealer bobbi brown!
    thankyou for sharing this tutorial for noob like me :p

  7. U super like your skin, When I saw you kilig ako! hehehe. Sexy Morena ang peg :)

  8. I wanna try this look!:) I love the shades you used here.. Plus the lip color!:) xoxo


  9. Glad you loved this simple tutorial, ladies! :D Keep an eye for more! :D

    Rae: Really? Wow thanks for verifying. Glad to know that my diet and workout are paying off! :D


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