Nail Art Tutorial: Tribal Realness

 A wonderful Monday to everyone! Got a little bored last night at home so I decided to whip up another nail art tutorial for everyone.

Tribal prints are all the rage nowadays so I decided to dress my nails in one of this year's hottest trends. It's pretty easy, albeit takes a little time. (due to all the intricate drawing) But as always, you'll feel so happy after accomplishing it because it really does make your nails look fashionable!


Caronia Nail Hardener Base Coat (Not in picture)
Caronia Fast Dry Top Coat
Caronia Kwik Dry (Not in picture)
Caronia Nail Polish in Kiwi
Caronia Nail Polish in Blueberry
The Face Shop Nail Polish (Yellow)
Shu Uemura Nail Polish in Karl Black

Nail Art Brush (short)
Dotting Tool (fine)
Wedge sponge

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First, we are going to use the sponge to create a straight line pattern on our nails.

STEP 1: On the base of the sponge, create a stack of colors using the nail polishes. You can shuffle the order of the colors, depending on your preference.

 STEP 2: I've noticed that the nail polish dries up quickly on the sponge, so quickly press the base part onto your nail bed right after applying polishes on it.

 It will look like this. Just clean the residue afterwards.

 STEP 3: Intensify the colors by reapplying the polishes. Make sure to follow the lines carefully.

We are now going to decorate the polishes. You can opt for other patterns in case you have something  in mind.

 STEP 4: Using a dotting tool, apply dots on the green polish.

 STEP 5: Using the short nail art brush, draw a zigzag on the blue polish.

 STEP 6: Using the same brush, apply straight lines on the yellow polish.

 STEP 6: Let the nail art dry up throughly before sealing with a top coat. Finish off with a quick dry solution to prevent chipping.

Voila! Ain't it lovely? Let me know how you like this tutorial! :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like it!! I just wish your nail is a bit longer.. Have a great day Ms. Martha!

  2. love the style,its not common and it's unique...very nice!!!^_^

  3. i love the tutorial! it is pretty and it looks easy :)

  4. Kriselle: Hi there! I tried growing them long but I always end up breaking them! So I'm sticking to semi- long nails. :p But will try growing them again soon! :D Thanks for dropping by! :D

    Purple: thank you! :)

    Isaa: thanks dear! :)

  5. love!! I've always wanted to do a tribal inspired nail art but I find it reaally hard, but this one made it look simplier and easier :) btw, didnt you have any issues with caronia base coat? coz mine takes hours to completely dry :/

  6. Love the design!:) I'm still learning nail art. My fave designs are polkadots and leopard prints! hehe.. :)Thanks for sharing this design!:) I'm currently practicing Cath Kidston inspired nail art.. Hehe.. I neeeed tooooools!:p hihi

  7. I'd love to do this, if only I am a girl! hahaha

  8. now i know another idea for lining polishes bukod sa tapes =)

  9. so cool! try doing some smiley faces next time :D

  10. Hi guys! Glad you liked this tutorial!

    Loli: Hi there! Yup, had the same trouble too. I'm not using it anymore though. I just use their fast dry top coat as the base. :)


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