Sumptuous Sundays: Mom and Tina's

When I was younger, I ate the Salisbury Steak meal a lot. I remember eating it 24/7 and still felt happy and satisfied even if I was eating the same dish every single day. Well I don't eat Salisbury Steak now on a daily basis, but I still find myself craving for this simple yet filling dish every now and then. It has a played a huge part in my childhood! :D For Salisbury Steak, I go to Mom and Tina's because for me, they serve the tastiest SS dish thus far.

PRICE RANGE: P150.00-P700.00

A look at Mom and Tina's interior

Mom and Tina's is also one of my go-to restaurants for comfort food because everything is simple and yummy, and priced just right.

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 Huge, free bread served warm and a tad crispy. I love it!

 Pumpkin Soup- Simple and good. I cannot overemphasize.

 Macaroni Soup with Beef Bits- Has a light, comforting taste. There's always something with Macaroni Soup that reminds me of home that's why I like it.

 Salisbury Steak- MMMMM....Mom and Tina's version is very filling! I don't know what they put in the sauce but one thing's for sure: It's so delicious! The entire dish is so satisfying--it's the type that leaves you contented and feeling good. Ah, childhood memories!

 Brazo De Mercedes and a piece of Brownie for my BF

White Toblerone Torte- One of Mom and Tina's best- selling desserts. It has layers of crunchy crust mixed with chunks of white Toblerone and topped with semi-sweet whipped cream. Don't forget to order this one when you're eating at Mom and Tina's!

Speaking of comfort food choices, You know that moment when you're not feeling adventurous and you just want to eat something you know that will satisfy you? Then this is the place to be.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. that white toblerone torte looks so yummy! :D where are they located?

  2. Yummers!!:) The White Toblerone Torte looks sooo yummy!:)

  3. toblerone torte i can imagine what you tastes like >.<

  4. Harmony: Libis (across SM Hypermart) and Dela Rosa, Makati :)

    Jenny: Tastes as good as it sounds! :D

    Mitchie: Super! You should try it :)

  5. how much did u spend per serving?
    i'd love to try their food.


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