Sumptuous Sundays: Wee Nam Kee

Nothing spells comfort food better than Chinese food. If I'm conflicted on what to eat, Chinese food is always my last resort. Right here at The Fort High Street is me, my family, and the BF's latest fave Chinese resto, Wee Nam Kee.

PRICE RANGE: P150.00-P500.00

Wee Nam Kee is actually Singaporean in origin. The restaurant boasts of its famed Hainanese Chicken recipe.

 Sauces: Soy sauce, (which is glucose-y in texture) hot sauce, and ginger shavings


 The Hainanese Chicken set- The HC meal comes in varying sets: Personal, Medium, and Family. This is the personal set.

 Closer look at the chicken

You can either have your chicken Roasted or Steamed. As for me, steamed will always be the best!

 Soy sauce+Ginger shavings: The sauce for the chicken. Their soy sauce is quite different because it's a lil' sweet and thick. Perhaps they spiked it with sugar syrup. Errr...not the healthiest sauce but it's good!

 Pork Asado- I like how it's not drenched in asado sauce. Tastes very light and the meat is well- cooked easy to eat and not too gummy

 Roasted chicken for the BF.

Roasted Liempo: My favorite! The crunchy pork fat trimmings on top is deadly yet heavenly!

Wee Nam Kee Fact: They had a resident cat here before named Spider: a gorgeous, tiger- striped, fat tabby cat. He was the pet of the waiters, and perhaps the attraction of the place because he would always approach the customers and entertain them with his silly antics in exchange for food. A few months after, he got himself a wife: a white cat with orange and black patches, and the waiters named her Snow White. Together, they would entertain and beg for food from the guests. Whenever somebody's touching Spider, Snow White would lightly claw on their hand--as if she doesn't want anybody touching her husband. LOL! It took me a few months to go back to this place and in my last visit, (which was 2 weeks ago) I found out that Spider and Snow White were adopted already. I was saddened by that news because honestly, Spider is one of the reasons why I eat at Wee Nam Kee. But I'm glad that Spider and Snow White already have a place to call home, and I'd still go back here for my Chinese fix because the food is good, prices are affordable, and the service is pretty fast!

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  1. Looks so yummylicious!:) HAHA!:) This post makes me drool and crave!:) Parang sarap sarap nung Pork Asado!:) hahaha! xoxo

  2. oh.. Hainanese Chicken is so heaven! ♥

  3. Still haven't tried wee nam kee :( everything looks good especially the pork asado and hainanese chicken :)

  4. This is the most elegant looking Chinese food I've ever seen! I should've taken a photo of my chinese food from yesterday, two slops of rice, a slop of sweet and sour pork and voila! Drooling over that crunchy pork fat, hellllo!

  5. Your Wee Nam Kee cats story gave me the fuzzies. Wishing I've met them.


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