5 Unimpressive Gifts (Fashion Edition)

Here's the fashion counterpart of my 5 Unimpressive Gifts Beauty Products Edition blog post. They're so disappointing, you better keep them to yourself. LOL! :D

Ugly Christmas Sweater

- 'Nuff said.

Sexually Provocative Shirts

- Some think they're funny but to me, they're disrespectful, tasteless, and tacky. If I had the power, I will include a provision in the RH Bill ordering the ban of these t- shirts.


- In all honesty, they're not nice to receive most especially if 1.) You get a pair that's bigger or smaller than your size. 2.) You don't like the style 3.) They don't feel comfortable to wear at all. To turn shoes into downright impressive gifts, forget the surprise factor and ask the person you're giving it to what specific pair of shoes he/she likes.


- They're not the best gifts to give most especially to women and men of substance. (aka old men and women) We know for a fact that a majority of the Filipino population is superstitious and receiving a handkerchief, to them, is a premonition of a loss, heartbreak, or misfortune. You might not believe in these things, (I don't too) but some people do. So to avoid disappointing the person you're giving it to, forget this item.

Vain Shirts

- Maybe if you're a baby or a kid, a vain shirt with your face printed or airbrushed on it would look cute. But if you're a grown- up already, it would look like a tribute. Besides, it doesn't look nice. :p

That's all! Let me know what particular fashion items you don't like receiving! :D

Disclaimer: Photos are not mine

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. ha! dapat sinama mo jan ang very infamous na photo frame


  2. dapat sinama mo jan ang ever infamous na photo frame

  3. i totally agree with this list and im a victim of one of those. my ate gave me a neon purple checkered flats shoes with size 6, which is im size 5, therefore if i wear those i will be uncomfortable!
    and she thinks purple is my fave color, she thinks i would love it but naaah i do not own any purple shoes because its very hard to match to any outfit..hahha but no choice i need to pull that shoes off! haha

  4. Handkerchiefs are okay, but I don't like receiving any article of clothing. Most of the time I don't wear them at all because they're not to my taste, or they don't fit me.

  5. Shoes, most definitely. If the person didn't specify the exact design, brand, and size. Don't even dare...

    I received quite a handful of footwear the past years, and the only pair I liked are flip flops.. and they're not even considered shoes.

  6. yay! me too.. agree with this Ms. Martha!

    I really appreciate when someone give gifts to me but then thinking how or where will I use it? It's just like a waste of money from the sender.. :(

  7. On my experience, I dont want to received shoes, because, I'm so vain with shoes, though Im shoesaholic, I only prefer what's suit on my feet..hehe

  8. Handkerchiefs are okay with me too. In fact, I received a set of three this Christmas from my Department Manager and I am more than happy with the designs =) Sexually provocative shirts are a NO-NO! Can't agree more with your explanation Ms. Martha.

  9. ako rin ayaw ko ng panyo parang hindi extra special parang pang-exchange gift lang ng lola ko yan. I would really appreciate it if the person ask me first what i want (shoes in particular)rather than just giveaway gifts i wont need. sayang lang e.

  10. definetly panyo! ano to elementary? haha nice post! :)

  11. Mis Eloize: That's for another post hehe. Unimpressive gift novelties hehe

    Jaja: thank you!

    Yanny: true! haha!

    Ann: Whoever invented that shirt has some big explaining to do. haha!

    Ohms: same here, as long as they fit my feet and taste. :)

    Sincere: Thanks for your thoughts dear! :)

    Rae: even flipflops. some of my relatives gave me flip flops before and too bad, they're not my size. haha. so I crossed that out from my list. :p

    Aviva: Ah! same here!

    Jenny: oh well, at least there's always your mother, sister, or girl friend or cousin to give it to haha!


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