A!Life x Cosmo.ph Photoshoot+Continuing the A!Life

Around 2 months ago, A!Life has finally concluded their search for the two online brand ambassadors, and have picked Karen Grafia and Ruby Papio to join me, Domz, and Czjai in the roster. Bottomline, the shoot was fun and it was nice to know more about the winners and my co-brand ambassadors as well. I cannot overemphasize!

Here are a few outtakes from our photoshoot for Cosmopolitan.ph:

 Doing a Lexi Schulze here. Model and host Lexi Schulze is the above-the-line image model for A!Life Protect. I know Lexi personally as I've been with her in a theatre play in Dulaang UP. She's such a sweet, kind, and humble woman-On top of that, she's very beautiful too! Lexi, this one's for you!

I digress. Time and again, I would remind everybody to supplement your beauty from within because it's where all the regeneration happens. For your internal beauty dose, I would suggest A!Life Protect because it has antioxidants that purge all the toxins from your body to keep your system and skin looking healthy as ever.

 Here's one of the winners: Karen Claire Grafia. She's a beautiful Zamboangeńa who is no stranger to modeling as she has been modeling for a few local designers for a long time already. A!Life had to fly her in to Manila for this photoshoot. With a gorgeous figure like hers, without a doubt, she's the perfect girl to represent A!Life Control.

 The second winner is Ms. Ruby Papio: Ruby is a housewife and entrepreneur. She is a busy mom who attends to her three children, mans her online store that sells clothes, accessories, and beauty products, and is venturing into another business with her husband this year! It's not hard to admire someone like Ruby who manages to stay healthy and strong despite the load of work on her plate. That said, Ruby couldn't be more perfect to represent A!Life Posture.

Click READ MORE and see the culmination of our exciting journey!

 One of my co-brand ambassadors, Domz Tiu of Konichiwear. This pretty, svelte fashion blogger has once battled with weight problems, but she was able to triumph over it by staying physically active. We all know how strenuous physical activities can get the best of us but for Domz, that won't be a problem as long as she has A!Life Energy by her side and that makes her the perfect face to represent A!Life Energy.

 Lastly, we have Czjai Reyes- Ocampo, one of my co-brand ambassadors as well. She brought her cute toddler, Yue to the photoshoot. I have friends who are nurturing their own toddlers and I know how hard it is for mothers to keep up with the demands of a growing child, especially in the crucial toddler years-All that running after your kid/s coupled with sleepless nights can really drain the beauty out of you! This is the same case for Czjai, but good thing a pop of A!Life Restore does the trick for her: A!Life Restore is supercharged with skin- friendly minerals such as Hyaluronic Acid to help keep your skin in the pink. Hmmm...So maybe this is why Czjai is still looking youthful and wrinkle- free!

More outtakes!

 A little retouching on my hair before I proceed with the shoot. Every now and then, our lead hairstylist had to put hair spray on my hair to keep the curls in place. Oh dear hair, when will you cooperate with hair sprays!?

 Our photographer of the day asking me to imitate Lexi's pose...

 Oh dear, Lexi's a natural. I hope I can live up to the photographer's expectations!

 Clothes are from Mango, by the way. This simple and chic dress by Mango has earned my approval. :)

 Second wave of the photoshoot.

 Finally, a group shot!

 Meeting new friends and inspiring others to live the A!Life in between are some of the priceless experiences I've had in this 2-month long ambassadorship with A!Life. Being fit and healthy has become a common advice (almost cliché already) and you gotta admit, not everybody takes it seriously. I've been a witness to how shifting to a healthier lifestyle can truly help a person from the inside and out, and I've always wanted to find a way to let people realize the beauty of healthy living. A!Life has just helped me bring that message across. So to Pascual Laboratories, Yehey!, and Cosmo.ph, thank you for making it happen! I will forever be grateful for this lovely experience,  and it's nice to know that somehow, we've inspired a lot of people to finally embark on a journey to a healthier lifestyle!

And our Cosmo.ph spread is out!

 Get to know more about A!Life's health soldiers and the representatives of the brand by visiting our Cosmo.ph article HERE.
Here's a screenshot of my column. Don't forget to read the rest!

Hey, thank you also, my dear readers, for taking time to read through my journey with A!Life. I hope you're all inspired to make the shift too. In every journey, I know that the beginning is always the hardest so please, don't hesitate to shoot me an email for your fitness and dieting concerns. I'm not claiming to be a dietician or an expert: All I can give you are the lessons and tips from my 3- year long experience in dieting and exercising. :)

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