Beauty with Values: Pulpe De Vie

Pulpe De Vie, a holistic certified organic and eco- friendly skin care line proudly made in the South of France has finally hit our local shelves. And quite interestingly, they say that their products don't only contain the highest extracts of fruit and premium ingredients, but also "chunks of REAL LIFE." Here's why:

 Pulp De Vie was founded by Julie Ducret, a native of France and who once worked in a big cosmetics company. At some point in her successful career, she then decided to take a long journey to South Africa that lasted for a year. Little did she know that in this fateful journey, she will experience an awakening: Devoid of the busy city life and any material pleasure, Julie had rediscovered the beauty of essential joys such as friendship and most importantly, laughter. Throughout her journey, she has also appreciated nature more, and made a commitment with various ecological associations ever since. She has also dreamed of creating her own beauty line so when she finally returned to France, Julie had founded Pulpe De Vie.

Pulpe De Vie is the culmination of Julie's life- changing odyssey. It is a brand that is backed up by efficiency and above all, human values: Their skin care products are made with the highest concentration of organic ingredients (at 50%) and fruit extracts (at 20%), yet they respect the harvest season and use only what Mother Nature can provide at every moment, hence it remains small and works only with medium France- based enterprises. Nope, they do not import fruits from other countries because they want to lessen fuel use!

Pulpe De Vie also swears by the "Anti-Gray" principle, meaning they do not impose themselves on consumers by talking about science, cosmetics surgery, lab results, and the likes--They just talk about the things that matter most: Happiness, sensations, effectiveness, and cuteness!

Have a look at their entire range. With cute packaging such as these, you're definitely in for some good vibes!

Face Masques, Night Creams, Eye Masks, and Body Moisturizers

Lipgloss, Facial Cleanser, Day Moisturizers, and Scrubs.

 Pulpe De Vie's Queen Bee

Pulpe De Vie's image model is this cute caricature of the Queen Bee. It is because the brand deeply supports Un Toit Pour Les (A Roof For The Bees), an organization that is dedicated to the preservation of Bees. In case you didn't know, bees are one of the world's endangered species due to pesticides and aggressive farming. Without bees, there can be no pollination, there can be no new fruits growing, thus there can be no life.

It's good to know that there is still a brand in this world that does not only care about the money, but also about virtues. And it's even better to know that every time we buy and use Pulp De Vie, we have actually done a little act of kindness to the world, in particular, to Mother Earth.

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  1. Pulp De Vie reminds me of our very own Human Nature. They also hold same principle in terms of protecting Mother Earth and the like.

  2. ooh another collection of lip gloss, I might tried this Pulpe De Vie's lipgloss.:)so fruity:)

  3. i'll go check this out.quite interesting as well.tnx for the post martha.^_^

  4. agree with yanny firs tthing that comes to my mind is human nature:)
    their packages are cute but it looks like a kids medicine box for me XD
    i hope her advocacy will reach other countries too :)

  5. @ Yanny ditto.

    Packaging looks very outdoorsy :)


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