FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Budget and Time- Friendly Date Suggestions For Couples

Hi guys! Our Fan Mail Friday question for today is quite an interesting one because it's about bf-gf relationship! The question was sent in by Gilliane. She asks:

Good evening miss Martha!

First of all, I want to tell you how much I love your blog. I love reading your make up reviews and I found them really helpful. I have been wanting to ask you a question for a long time now but since it's not make up related, I opt not to ask it. But I decided to give it a chance. 

Apart from your make up articles, I love reading about the dates you and your boyfriend go to. It gave me lots of ideas also but unfortunately due to time and financial constraints, my boyfriend and I can’t do any of the plans that I have. And I would also like to mention that my boyfriend is a student athlete and he's tired most of the time and for that reason he doesn’t like going far from Metro Manila and he's not an outdoor-sy person also, which I am. My question is: Would you have any date ideas for us where we will both enjoy and wouldn’t bust our budget? I would love to hear from you. Good luck and more power to you! And may more love and blessings come to your relationship! Thank you miss M!


Hello Gilliane!

First of all, thank you for being an avid reader. Glad to know that you’re enjoying my articles. I hope I’d get to know more TBJ heads like you soon.

Anyway, back to your question!

Just a little sharing on how our dating activities have evolved: Back then, when my BF and I had all the time in the world, we would always hit the road, especially during nighttime. Or, if we can wake up early, we do it during daytime as well. We love exploring new places and escaping the city whenever we can so road trips was one of our guilty pleasures. And since we both love to eat, we also love trying out new restaurants almost everyday, cheap or expensive. Our love for eating has actually inspired my SUMPTUOUS SUNDAYS posts.

In an ideal world, life would be better if it were like this or if we have a lot of time to do these things, at the very least. Alas, we’re no longer teenagers and life priorities are already upon us so we seldom go to these kinds of dates anymore. If we’re lucky to see each other at least once a week, we’ll just both grab a cup of joe, chat for a few minutes at the back of his pickup, and then head home. Our dates have become less interesting, yet they’ve become more practical. (In case my BF is reading this article, I'm not complaining hunny! :D) When you start growing up and your responsibilities start to pile up, you learn how to be more understanding and most especially, to find budget and time- friendly ways to keep in touch with your partner. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you still get to be with your better half, no matter how long or quick it is, right?

Here are my BF and I’s short and sweet ways to keep our relationship steady. Click READ MORE to see the entire post.

 Movie Date

Since I always have events in the evening and his business presentations always fall at nighttime, we just hit the mall to catch the last full show. I know, it’s such a predictable answer but when you and your partner are very busy, you both will truly appreciate a quick movie date.

Coffee Date

And if there are no more theatre seats left, we just hit any nearby coffee shop to grab a quick bite and a cup of coffee. We sit and stay in the coffee shop for at least an hour just to update each other on how our day has been.

Food Bazaar Trips

Since we both decided to budget our expenses, especially on food, we go to Mercato every now and then to gorge. It doesn’t have the nice, ambient atmosphere of pricey restaurants that we used to go to, but at least we get to eat a lot without busting our wallets!

Surprise Date

No, not the time and money consuming kind wherein you schedule a visit either to a restaurant or spa. I’m talking about surprising your partner by visiting him wherever he is. My BF is always in Ortigas for his business and if I’m around the area or if I can afford to visit him, I go. I also ask him if he wants anything like food or coffee then I buy it for him, and wait for him to finish with work so we can be together after. He does the same to me too. The travel’s quite the effort here, especially with all that crazy traffic around the metro but just think that it’s for the betterment and maintenance of your relationship.

Quick Stroll

We both love going on a quick stroll along The Fort High Street, especially at midnight, when the place is quiet and starts feeling more private. We grab either a cup of milk tea, coffee, or Jamba juice, sit on one corner, and have a good conversation. Yeah, we’re simple like that. :D


I assume that you guys are not busy all the time, especially during Saturdays. You both have to make an effort to see each other and have a regular date, and Saturday is a great time, in my opinion. Since you mentioned that he’s a student athlete, I’m pretty sure he would appreciate a quick trip to the spa. (But with his consent, of course!) There are a lot of affordable spas out there-Use the power of the Internet to locate them.

These activities will not alter your schedule at all. You can even do them no matter how little time or money you have. :)

There you have it! I hope you find this list quite helpful! Actually, as long as you’re with your partner, it doesn’t matter what you do because I’m pretty sure, you will both have a great time!

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Having adate isnt all about expensive restaurants minsan nga mas nakakakilig na yung you have both a drink then talk for hours ng di mo namamalayan! love this post!
    keeping the kilig :)

  2. During our college years my bf and i would rent a dvd then movie marathon sa bahay para less gastos then he'll buy junk foods sa tindahan yung 5 pesos lang para marami hahaha.

  3. When me and by Bf doesn't have time :) We just cook food at home and watch movies, as simple as that :)

  4. We seldom go on a date specially now na married na kami and walang yaya to look after my son. If we have time, we just go out, chill and drink. Or we buy food sa grocery, cook at home and DVD marathon :)

  5. nice post mars! i remember when i used to work at night time, my ex-bf (now my hubby) would call me and ask me to go down at 12mn (my "lunch" break). he'll bring me something from Starbucks and sometimes, even flowers..then konting wento then babu na. 30mins to 1hr...since we dont get to see each other that much at daytime. i also love our pisbol dates. hahahah korni

  6. Nice post! Now that hubby and I are fully absorbed in our jobs, we barely have the time to go out. If we do have time, we are too tired to do so. The only thing we want to do is get some rest during our rest days. What we do sometimes is, we set up my laptop and have a movie weekend! ^__^

  7. Nice post Martha!

    My partner and I have been living together for 4 years now and we seldom go on dates anymore since we also have 2 beautiful babies we have to take care of. We normally go on movie dates if time permits but if not then we just cook at home, cuddle, and watch DVDs :)


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