Christmas Nails: Easy Candy Cane- Inspired Nails

Okay I have a confession to make: I ate the red and white candy cane just before creating the nail art, hence the discrepancy in the photo. LOL! But you get my point, this is just inspired by the classic Candy Cane. :D

What you'll need:

White Nail Polish
Red Nail Polish
Quick Dry Solution
Top Coat
Base Coat (optional. In this tutorial, I have used the top coat as a base coat)


Fine Nail Art brush, 2 pieces
Alternatives: Toothpick; Old gel liner brush

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Step 1: Start with clean nail beds. Using a fine nail art brush, create a red border by drawing a slanted line on the innermost part of your nail bed, then fill in carefully with red polish.

Step 2: Using the other fine nail art brush, create a white border right on top of the red polish, then carefully fill in with white polish.

Step 3: Using the brush of the red polish, gently color the outermost part of your nail bed.

Let your nail art dry thoroughly before sealing with a top coat. Add a drop of quick dry solution on them to prevent chipping.

Voila! It's piece of cake!

This just serves as the base. You can create other patterns or if you wish, add more lines in different polish colors.

You can also decorate it with studs, or add a sheer layer of golden glitter nail polish to give it a sparkling effect!

Hope y'all liked this!

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Looks really messy. Sorry.

  2. Sara: Thank you!

    Anonymous: Hi there! Thank you for you comment. I hope you've also figured that I haven't done some cleaning on it yet, hence the messy look. ;)

  3. Happy holidays!
    great choice of nail art.:)

  4. i think its better if the design from the lil up tp thumb is coordinating with each other, it will be better, but this is great! just add some crystals it would be cuter :)

  5. Ang cute! Naku pag nakita ng anak ko yung nails ko na ganyan baka mapagkamalan talagang candy cane :) hehehe!

  6. it looks so yummy Martha! Parang gusto kong kainin yung nails mo lol! :)


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