FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: How To Wear and Pull Off Dark Lipstick

A pleasant Friday to all my lovely readers! Are you all excited for 2013? I definitely am! In fact, I already started jotting down (although vaguely) my goals for the incoming year. I just want to say that 2012 was a great year: It is where I have learned so many wonderful life lessons, and one of which is the true meaning of H-A-R-D W-O-R-K. In my next posts this January, I’ll show you why. :D

 Anyway! Our Fan Mail Fridays question for the day is from Adeliza, and looks like she’s having trouble pulling off dark lipstick. She asks:

Hi Martha! 

I have another kikay problem I hope you can help me with. 
Today, I got Snoe's Plum Crazy lipstick and I feel that it makes me look old because of the deep color. My question is how can I sport this color but still look fresh and young? (I hope that's possible! hehe) Do I avoid eye makeup and/or blush na?

I thought I'd ask you since you pulled off Snoe's Bite Me pretty well. Thank you!


Hi Adeliza!

Ah, dark, vampy lips—my expertise! Arrogance aside, I really know how to work dark lipstick because it’s one of my favorites. (Second to my first favorite, which is color red) Needless to say, I’ve already experimented with them long enough to find the perfect ways to wear them.

Dark lip products are the easiest to wear, yet the hardest to pull off. (There lies a difference) As for the first statement, here’s a visual approach. Click READ MORE and start rocking that dark lippie now!    

Dark lip products are quite easy to wear because they’re so striking on their own, that it’s okay for you to skip a couple of products such as eye shadows, colored liners, and sometimes, even blush. That means you get to save more time!


 I like breaking rules and most of the time, I wear vampy lips in broad daylight. For super dark lipstick, I pair it with fresh and dewy skin, lightly colored brows, and a few swipes of mascara-I find that combining an almost bare face with dark lipstick helps me retain my youthful look. I also add a touch of pink to my cheeks for that healthy flush—it’s also my way to counteract the darkness of my lip.

 If my lipstick is just a little deeper but not at all dark, I sport thicker brows and lashes, and a little contouring on my cheeks—It’s like I’ve just set a canvas for the lipstick. This is my usual makeup look, by the way.

In some occasions where eye shadows are a must but I want to wear dark lipstick, I use eye shadows sparingly: I only use a small amount to give my peepers a little color. As for the blush, I use a pastel or light shade that compliments the tone of the lipstick.


Dark lips scream sexy, so I always don a heavily lined eye and contoured cheeks with it for nighttime. For the eyes, I stick to neutrals ‘coz they’re the safest bet, and it lets me experiment with other lip colors. In terms of color intensity, I always make sure that my eyes and lips are balanced.

That’s it! As for the last statement, all you need is just sheer confidence to pull off dark lip products! If you’re not confident wearing it, then wipe it off. :D

Here are a few more tips:

1. Always go for a color that you’re comfortable with
2. I’ve noticed that dark lipsticks tend to have a creamier formula. That said, wear lip liner to prevent it from bleeding around your lips. A nude lip liner should be good.
3. Dark lip colors are already bold on their own, so don’t wear it with striking eyes and cheeks or else, you’ll end up looking old.

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Your friendly beauty guru,

The Beauty Junkee

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love how adventurous you are with the black (?) lippie! I've seen you wear it to the Lady Gaga perfume launch and I'm sure you made other people's heads turn! I definitely agree with your tips, Ms. Martha! As for me, the darkest lip color that I could sport is a wine-red lipstain. I usually opt for pinks and mauves and nudes and reds. This makes me think of trying a dark lip color soon! :D

  2. kakainis di napost una ko comment. anyway i adore snoenpero i really dont get d Ppeal of rouge deluxe bite me. parang its not ment to be worn as makeup parang costumey ang dating. nonetheless i love the look u did n bare eyes at berrry lips. parang kakulay ng revlon just bitten in crush un lippie.
    i may have already missed this pero can u do a tutorial on ur brow makeup? im afraid i dnt wanna splurge on benefit browing so can u include inexpensive items in ur tutorial pls?

  3. i hope i can comment right away ive read your blogpost, but i cant as long as i use pc, i just read your feeds in mobile and my mobile cant comment! it sucks, maybe because of the captcha :(

    i definitely love your nighttime look, the first thing that pop in my mind is maleficent :) haha..

    maybe soon i have the courage to pull that dark bold color XD

  4. omg. you look gorgeous, Ms. Martha.
    You can pull of almost any lipstick shade :)

  5. Harmony and Jenny: Thank you girls! :D

    Eloise: I guess it's not for the brave! Well, I only use it on special events too 'cos it's such a striking color. Yes, I'll do a tutorial about how I do my brows soon. :D

    Angela: hi there and thanks for sharing! :D happy new year!

  6. So pretty! Just wondering, what do you have on the second and fourth photo?


Thank you for your comments!