Something New on my Boudoir: Jericho Cosmetics

It is a known fact that the water of the Dead Sea can do wonders to our skin and overall health so I won't talk about that anymore. Instead, here's a new and interesting fact:

Individually, anti-aging products and the Dead Sea minerals are good enough when it comes to diminishing the physical signs of aging, but recent studies show that when the water from the Dead Sea is combined with known forms of anti-aging ingredients, the result is a more potent combination for youthful- looking skin: It's twice as fast and twice as effective.

This new skincare breakthrough is applied by Jericho Cosmetics in all of their products. Jericho is the leading brand of Dead Sea products in the world. It has a strong presence all over Southeast Asia and Australia, and has been manufacturing toiletries and spa salts for some of the biggest hotel chains in the world such as Hilton Hotels.

I've been seeing their stalls in a couple of malls across the metro for a long time now, but it was only recently that I got interested to try Dead Sea products because I was pretty impressed with Aqua Mineral.

Going back to Jericho, looks like they have products for every single concern!

 This is their regular skin care line, body and foot products, and treatment creams.

 One of the brand's well- loved products, the bath salt and black mud line.

 They also have soaps that are good for face and body use. I've read somewhere that Sulfur, one of the minerals found in the waters of the Dead Sea, is good for the treatment of Acne.

 They also have a hair care line. FYI, Dead Sea minerals can aid in hair loss and permanently treat dandruff. I think I should be getting my brother the shampoo this Christmas because his problem has always been dandruff!

 Finally, here's their prestigious line, Jericho Premium, a collection of concentrated anti-aging products.

I got the Facial Collagen Mask and Active Serum from the Jericho Premium Line. I figured that these products will produce significant results faster since they're more concentrated. I know they're for anti- aging, but I'm more interested to see how these products will work on my zits. Will update everybody on my results!

How about you guys? Have you ever tried anything from Jericho Cosmetics? Share your favorites and your experiences!

Please visit JERICHO COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about their products.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. eto pala yung tinest sakin last time sa mall, hhmmm.. now I fully understand their line :)

  2. hi ms m! yep jericho cosmetics and cleansers are good. when inwas in d us i got to try the acrub and it was gud but expensive

  3. grabe lang yung hairfall ko :)
    sana effective tlga~
    where to buy these babies? :)

  4. I have seen these, but not sure where, I am still afraid to try different products, coz I have such sensitive skin. Wish I could..but..I can't they look nice and all..

  5. wow i'm waiting for this post....pretty impressive might as well go grab for excited.^_^

  6. first time I've heard of this. interesting! :)

  7. Looking forward to your review Martha, its my first time hearing about Jerico cosmetics. My drandruff has been crazy lately due to stress and lack of sleep that shampoo might be my answer but where to buy them?
    Jaja of Beauty Colada
    ♥Join my Christmas Giveaway HERE

  8. Hey girls! review for these products coming on my blog soon. :)

    Jaja: Hi there! I won't be able to review the shampoo, but I'll let you know how the mask and serum works! :)

    Jenny: You can find them in Megamall, one of the malls they have a branch in. :)

    Eloise: Hi there and thanks for sharing! I wanna try the black mud scrub too 'cos a lot say it's very good. :)


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