“White now! Why Later?” Introducing the new Close-Up White Now

 In moments wherein we need to look our best and feel great in a snap, we always rely on our instant beauty fixes: It could be a staple shade of lipstick or blush, a favorite perfume, a reliable eyelash curler, and so on and so forth. As for me, I always bring the following: Red lipstick, perfume, Oil control sheets, blotting powder, and eyelash curler. Even on a lazy day or in any case of beauty emergency, I know I can look my best in a jiffy if I have these staples with me. I make sure I don’t leave home without them!

But have we (I) been forgetting something equally important like our choppers? We know that makeups can instantly fake gorgeousness but if your teeth are stained, they’re stained-End of story. Makeups can only do so much, folks! Stained teeth definitely ain’t impressive most especially if you’re in an important meeting, event, or even your first date! Recent advancements in dental technology made teeth whitening possible, albeit it will take time (and a whole lot of money) before you see the results. In a fast- paced world where beauty can’t wait, you need an instant teeth whitening solution such as Close Up White Now.

 Yesterday, in a wonderful lunch at Mr. Jones, I had an intimate chat with the kind people at Bridges PR and some bloggers, and a little get-to-know with the new and improved Close Up White Now-Yes, you guys have read it right: Close Up White Now has been improved!

Click READ MORE and get to know the new Close Up White Now toothpaste!

 I have been using this product for quite sometime now because I liked the idea of “Instant Whitening”, and I fell in love with its gorgeous blue color and foam. (I’m weird, I know) In all honesty, this product lives up to its claim that’s why I like using it whenever I have events, photo shoots, and when I’ve had too much coffee.

FYI, this product has bagged the Product of the Year Award in the prestigious Grand Prix Marketing Innovation Awards in Italy, and has already gained a successful following across Europe and China. Well, that’s what happens if you have a very good and useful product!

The good thing about the new Close Up White Now is it comes in a travel- friendly tube, and whitens teeth after a period of usage.

To those who are not yet familiar with this product, here’s a little faq sheet:

How does Close-Up White Now works?

Basically, it gives you an illusion of whiter teeth right after brushing. The secret behind this effect is Close-Up’s patented Blue Foam Technology: The blue foam creates an invisible barrier around your tooth enamel, and yields a temporary whitening effect.

I’m afraid the toothpaste will leave blue stains on my teeth.

Nope, not at all. The strong blue tint contained within the clear gel will eventually be diluted as you brush. In fact, the blue tint will even conceal yellow teeth!

Does it have any weird taste?

No siree! It just tastes like regular toothpaste—the only difference is that it has special powers. Ha!

How long will the whitening effect last on my teeth?

It depends on your teeth activities right after brushing: If you eat teeth- staining food, the effect may not last long but in general, the whitening effect comes off gradually. Please also bear in mind that temporary teeth whiteness may vary.

How long will it take before it completely whitens my teeth?

This is the newest feature of this product: It whitens teeth overtime by breaking down hardened debris on teeth. Regarding the question, everything takes time, my dear. Use it religiously if you want to know if it will really work on you.

 Going back to the event, Bridges and Close Up had curated an SOS kit for everyone!

 Since 2013 is upon us, I think I should rethink my Beauty Emergency kit. Maybe this pouch has good suggestions!

Ah, sunny day, great food, beauty topics, and an awesome company. Tell me, how could it get any better than this?

 WHOA! Indeed, this SOS kit has GREAT SUGGESTIONS! That Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle is the bomb!

Before you flash your pearly whites, make sure they live up to their name! So always keep a tube of Close Up White Now in your beauty kits and sport that megawatt smile anytime, anywhere.

Visit CLOSE UP PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the product.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Amazing SOS kit! Sadly, nagka breakouts ako sa close up white before :(

  2. wow the things inside the sos kit was very great!
    im a tea and coffee drinker and it stained a lot.
    so ive tried close up white but i didnt see any difference at all~ ive tried it for 6months but nothing changed :(
    i really do wantt o try the crest strips XD

  3. Sadly..I'm allergic to any whitening agent, the chemical seems to strong or the fluoride it has in it, so I always get sores..I still go back to the good old baking soda to whiten my teeth!

  4. Hi Jenny! i love crest white strips but online sellers charge them ridiculously! :( close up white never worked for me my gums was always bleeding every time i use this product. sad face huhu

  5. I love this product! I didn't see the effect at first, but my friends did!!! Now I use it especially when I have gimmicks! :) I want the SOS Kit too!!!

  6. I love this product! I didn't see the whitening effect at first, but my friends did!!! Now I use it especially when I have gimmicks! :) I want the SOS KIT toooo!!!


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