Dreaming High With The 2013 Go-Getter Planner

If you seriously want to achieve your goals, then surround yourself with people, places, events, things, and whatnots that are supportive of your ambitions. Since everybody loves a planner, I think we can all start with that since it’s one of the things that we consistently check and see every single day. Choose something that’s filled with motivational quotes and stories to keep you inspired as you flip through the pages. Or better yet, choose a more specific planner—something that aligns you with and tracks your goals exactly the way you want it, just like The Go-Getter Planner.

The universe is really conspiring to help me achieve my bigger goals this year! As I was randomly browsing pages in Facebook, I chanced upon The Go Getter Planner’s fan page. Boy, I knew right then and there that it was the planner for me-the name alone just puts me in a very positive mood, and it’s enough to remind me of what I pledged to become this year and that is to be persistent in everything I do. This is the dream planner of dreamers like me! :D

Click READ MORE and check out the IT planner for me!

At the front flap is a slot where a sweet note courtesy of the founders, Amanda, Arianne, Ruth, and Karen greets you. By the way, you can remove the note and replace it with anything you like-it could be an inspirational quote, a photo collage, a picture that makes you smile, etc. You can also go to The Go Getter Planner’s Facebook Fan page to download printable advice, quotes, and designs that will fit the slot to a T.

 Basically, it’s just a hardbound notebook, but the things I like best about it are the lightweight feel, no-fuss design and high quality sheets. It is clean, uncomplicated to use and not loaded with too much sections that you end up not using-just the way I like it.

Your dreams will come true in 3,2,1…

At the beginning of each month, the planner has some challenges in store for you to make things a little more exciting-They also teach you a thing or two about aiming higher! Here are some of them:

You also get discount coupons on beauty and fashion products, travel and accommodations, and museum passes! Awesuuum! Some of their partner merchants are: Toby’s The Fozzy Book, Snoe, Manos, I Love Koi Swimwear, Karton, Offbeat Pursuits Travel and Tours, Ayala Museum, Punchdrunk Panda, Jacinto & Lirio, and Hey Kessy.

Here’s my favorite part of the planner: THE GOAL TRACKER! Every quarter, the planner will ask you to evaluate yourself and your goals: Have you been doing well or do you still need a little push? What are the goals you’ve achieved so far? What specific goals do you have to work on? Are there goals that need to be moved to the next year in order for you to achieve the more important ones? This is where you will record the status of your goals. It is also categorized based on the nature of your goals. (Personal, Spiritual, Travel, Mind, Career, Money)

The Go-Getter Planner is also inclusive of a set of very useful sticky notes in varying sizes, and a plastic envelope for things that you tend to misplace such as receipts, ids, calling cards, and the likes.

I am totally loving this one because apart from being a regular planner, it also reminds me that I have to make 2013 my best year yet! But design- wise, I think it can still be improved: It would be nice if the photos were in color, and the pages have motivational and inspirational quotes written on them. (I’m a sucka’ for those!) I also hope they’d get more merchants as the discount coupons lack variety, (especially the retail coupons) and introduce the planner in different colors and prints. Lastly, I hope they’d open the planners for customization in the near future.

So that’s The Go-Getter Planner for ya! They also have a FLASH SALE that’s happening this Saturday and Sunday: Get the planner at 30% off! (Original price is P650.00)

I hope that this 2013, all your decrees will come true. AND SO IT IS!

For inquiries and orders, please visit GO GETTER PLANNER on Facebook.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love it! I love the idea of putting a message at the cover of the note and its replaceable pa. I also love the sticky notes included. floral designs. I want one! Looks like you got a lot of planner na Ms. M :) Btw, how would you compare this planner with the Starbucks'?

  2. I've been looking for a chic planner that's cheaper than SB. I might check this one! =)

  3. OMO~! I've been so crazed with planners lately! Another one to drool for... =D

  4. wow i love that it has words like learn a new skill. i really love this planner! ty for sharing!

  5. I always have a planner in my side.Normally, the cutie one and floral designs like yours.

  6. Wow parang naalala ko tuloy un sa work namin n quarterly may appraisal ng skills hehehe parang yan. Im lucky may nagbigay saken ng starbucks planner.

  7. lovely planner but im perfectly fine with what i have right now simply because i got it from you (naks!) :-D but i wonder how this go getter keep up with that of bdj....

  8. I like the inside designs of this planner it's neat and simple however, I prefer smaller ones so I can carry them anywhere I go.

  9. Desire: Number one, it's cheaper. Number two, I like the overall message of the planner. IDK, but Starbucks' planners seem a little too self- gratifying for me haha.

    Yanny: This one's light but not small. I like it anyway. :)

    Marsiedmartian: Thank you! :D BDJ is nice, and it truly is an eye candy. However, I find that it's loaded with sections that I can't really use. It also pressures me to write on all the sections so as to not waste the entire thing haha!

    Angel: Yup! Please check it out. :D

    Eloise: Wow! Merry xmas hahah. :D

    Sincere: Yup! I'm sure you'll like it. :D

  10. They have nice options, too bad I already have a planner. I was so curious as to why to you chose this over SB but now I understand.

    Enjoy your planner and your year Martha :)

    its nice that a lot of local brand are improving na no? :)

    Beauty Colada


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