Extended Christmas

Because Christmas is not yet over for me--I just received a lot of gifts from some of my beloved people and brands this week!

A cool top from Seventeen given to me by mom. This reminds me that I have to go shopping for green clothes!

Last loot from mom: Two awesome tops for my workout. Thanks for supporting my fitness goals!

From one of my dearest friends, Krisan: Magic Curlers and a cute top. The Magic Curlers are so timely because I have been meaning to buy a box for myself-just wanna know how it will compare to curling irons. That said, thanks a lot for this, kapatid!

My summer loot courtesy of Pevonia. Thank you for this! I love everything!

From my crazy-happy Facial Care Center family.

Travel- sized tubes of skin firming gel and hydrating lotion, plus a wallet/card holder. Thanks NJ, Bea, and Team Facial Care!

Wee! A Planner from Strip. Thank you! I love it! Oh, I love the GCs that came with it too. I just used the Browhaus GC today and I'm one happy gal because I have pretty brows again! :D

And last but not the least, here's Nivea's gift to me.

OMG! Thank you for replenishing my skin care products. :D I love you guys--always! See you on Friday! :)

Thank you Lord for giving me people who never fail to show how much they truly care! :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow that's a lot of skincare products! Envy much :)) Are you an ambassadress of Nivea Ms. M? Sorry, I just found your blog yesterday ehh :) I hope you'll have a review on some of those nivea products. God bless Ms. M! :)

  2. Love tge haul, your MOM has excellent taste
    by those curlers are the best they are my holy grail item- though i have the original one i ordered online- curls stay all day and dont damage the hair. Im even able to stretch the time in between rebonds because of those. U only nid water and your curls are set for the day


  3. wow! your mom is so sweet she even gave you tops for your workouts :) and those Nivea loot?? capital OMG you're so lucky :)

  4. You deserve it all Martha! :)

  5. You're truly blessed and you deserve it, Ms. Martha. Those are very cool gifts. I like the green top your Mom had given you. :)

  6. nice loot :) your family and friends sure love you. I can't imagine why not :)

  7. the top that your mom gave to you! i love it!!!!

  8. Woot woot! Love the green top... Sexy! ��


  9. wow, that's another kabuhayan showcase:)

  10. That's a lot :) I'm drooling :P I also have that box of magic curlers that i received last Christmas. Please do a review about that one Ms. Martha. Thanks :)

  11. Desire: No problem dear. :) Last 2011, I was along with Jackie Go, Lissa Kahayon, Alyssa Lapid, Shen Gee, and Vern Enciso. :)

    Orlaine: Yes will do one plus a video tutorial too. :)

    Kate, Harmony, Jenny, Ohms, Apol, Kath: thank you so much. :)

    Yanny: Thank you! She has noticed that I'm a gym rat lately so she decided to give me those. :)

    Miz Eloise: Thanks for the tip! Me, I like dampening my hair with hair spray for an all day hold. :)

  12. Hi miss m. Try mo un original curlformers na original kasi they curl inward and outward. Also may rubber grip un ends so you can sleep on them overnight. You can actually check out yun infomercial wavz parang curlformers din.


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