How To: Find The Right Beauty Box For You

Before, we were just awaiting the Beauty Sampling trend to hit our country and then all of a sudden, it has boomed, a lot of beauty sampling sites have opened and we’re now caught in an influx. Okay I’m exaggerating because we only have four local beauty sampling companies at present but my point is, everything just happened so fast: They have opened to the public one after the other and now we don’t know which is the best or the right one for us, at the very least.

So if you’re still a virgin to the whole beauty sampling experience, here’s a quick guide to finding the right beauty sampling website that fits your taste and needs.

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In A Nutshell: Saladbox was the first one to open to the public amongst the four local beauty sampling companies. Aside from international and major brands, they also carry local ones and feature products from various local online beauty shops.

Price of Beauty Box: P500.00/box (They also have subscription plans)

Best Feature: They give opportunities to micro businesses; (e.g. online beauty shops and small- time local brands) They have their own e-commerce site where you can purchase the full- sized versions of the samples.

Not-so-good Feature: Overall quality of the box is not consistent (as per most subscribers)

Best For: People who like discount cards (Saladbox seems to give out a bevy of discount cards), people who love patronizing local products; people who love the element of surprise; people who love online shops and are interested to see what they have to offer; people who want to discover unknown local brands

In A Nutshell: Made by the same company who created the hit Belle Du Jour Planner. The BDJ Box is made to somehow address your beauty needs and concerns, particularly skin, body, and hair. They also got makeup too.

Price of Beauty Box: P480.00/per box; They have subscription plans as well

Best Feature: Your box is curated depending on your skin and hair type and needs, Subscription plans are more flexible; The cheapest beauty box among the three; Their website is very informative, and they have Beauty Ministers (aka Beauty Gurus) who are ready to aid you in your beauty dilemmas.

Not-So-Good Feature: The box offers repetitive products and lacks variety as it is mainly comprised of skin care items.

Best for: People who are into skin care; People who prefer a box that suits their skin care needs in some way

In A Nutshell: Glamourbox aims to scour the world for the best-whether unknown or popular, local or international-beauty brands and bring them to the local beauty loving community.

Price of Beauty Box: P595.00/per box (They also have subscription plans)

Best Feature: Their beauty boxes are stuffed and you really get what you paid for; They have an e-commerce site where you can purchase full- sized versions of their samples

Not-So-Good Feature: Boxes are always sold out; they offer the most expensive beauty box to date

Best For: Makeup lovers as I’ve noticed that their boxes are mainly comprised of makeup items; People who value quantity more than anything else; People who want to discover unknown international beauty brands

In A Nutshell: Sample Room is the most recent beauty sampling website among the four. Instead of beauty boxes, Sample Room offers individual beauty samples at no cost, except shipping. They carry hit international and local beauty products.

Price of Beauty Box: None

Best Feature: Samples are for free; The website has an informational in- house blog

Not-So-Good Feature: Samples are very limited

Best For: People who are unwilling to pay for samples; People who prefer getting the exact item they want; People who want to know if the most popular and expensive beauty products are truly worth purchasing

There you have it! I hope you now know which of these beauty sampling websites is the best one for you. Have an awesome Monday!

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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've subscribed to all but only retained 2 - Glamourbox and Sampleroom. Glamourbox offers so much more and includes items way above the cost of the box. Sampleroom is such a no-brainer, you get to try products you wouldn't normally buy because they're expensive and this way, you get to try first to know if they're really worth purchasing.

  2. Only subscribed to Sample Room. Natauhan na ko sa mga "surprise" products so Sample Room is a good fit. I do my research about the product then go on from there. Ang hitch lang talaga sa Sample Room, you snooze you lose haha

  3. Wow thank you ms m. Kala ko kasi dati kay bayad un sampleroom kaya dinedma ko lang. Now im keeping ky eyes peeled kung san ko gagamitin un 100 ponts. As usual very informaative ang post mo. I like the way how you put it positively na element of surprise instead of - if u dont mind being disappointed hahaha

  4. first beauty box that i am currently subscribed at is glamourbox and i must say..its worth every centavo :) from the box to the confetti like papers to protect the items inside (JK) but seriously at 595.00 you get to have a full size of some beauty products that would surely worth a thousand...little did i know marami pa palang beauty box hehehe>
    From your review ms. martha now i believed i subscribed to one of the best if not the best beauty box out there...luckily, i am now subscribed to their quarterly beauty loots :)
    happy monday everyone :)

  5. sample room palang natatry ko kasi libre...hehehe.

  6. I like BDJ Box the most kasi yung products are the type na magagamit talaga :) But I also want to try GlamourBox :)


  7. I love Sample Room the most! Samples must not be paid for, and that's what they want to offer to the people. You just have to pay for the shipping fee and samples (sometimes, full-sized samples) will be delivered right into your home! Too bad they have limited stocks, but oh well, we are so much willing to wait! It is also where I saw your blog Ms. M coz your one of the partner bloggers of SR. If given a chance, I would love to try GlamourBox since they are more into makeup :)

  8. Glamourbox and Sample Room get my vote! Saladbox is um... let's just say it's not for me. BDJ naman the brands and products are kind of boring, parang yun mga samples na nakukuha mo sa mga magazines like Cosmo etc kaya medyo nakakaantok. Glamourbox gives you much much more than what you paid for while Sample Room gives you the liberty to choose. :)

  9. My vote goes to Sample room. You just have to be quick!

  10. i always want to try sample room, but hey you need to click fast and when im on check out..arg no stocks left.people are so fast.haha i really do want to try sample room because they offer full sizes and i want myself to pick the products myself.

  11. Glamourbox is my top pick among the rest it's for makeup lovers like me! Their subscription is totally worth every peso I earn. And yes I agree with Rowena, Glamourbox gives us more than what we paid for that's why it's my favorite! I have yet to try sample room pa laging out of stock e :(

  12. Glamourox and Sample room for me din. Tried sample room once, will try glamourbox next.

  13. I'm a newbie to this beauty boxes thing and i'm confused which one is worth to try. But thanks for this post :) I'll definitely choose Glamourbox and Sample Room. I'm so excited na :)

  14. I wanna try the Glamourbox...can afford!best for me ever!

  15. I have subscribed to all of those Beauty Subscription Boxes, Ms. Martha. I love Glamourbox and BDJ Box the most. I just love surprises and beauty loot so much, that's why I subscribe to SaladBox, BDJ Box and GlamourBox every month. I still have pending review on the product I got from Sample Room. But I like how they offer their samples for free. SaladBox is my least favorite because it is inconsistent and gave their subscribers a very few samples. You can check out my Beauty Subscription Boxes Craze in my blog.

    Broke But Happy

    It is not updated though coz I am busy at work since last December.

    Hope you can check out my blog.


  16. I subscribed to all those four but I only kept Glamourbox, BDJ and Sample Room. I love all three. Thanks for this really informative post! :)


  17. i love to try glamourbox but their boxes sells like hotcakes! ang hirap, lagi nalang akong nauunahan :(

  18. Thanks for sharing your insights, girls! :)


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