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Folks, I have a recent brand discovery, and I'm sharing it with you guys today.

Yesterday, I had a brief meeting with the lovely people behind this very new local brand because they simply want to introduce their products to The Beauty Junkee and its readers.

Liv Co. is the brainchild of Allan Magtanong, Rommel Rico, and Kim Gantioqui. Take note: they are men-the founders of this beauty brand are men! This fact has baffled me so much that I had to ask Kim (who was present during the meeting) why the three of them have decided to put up a beauty brand, which is what most people would usually consider as a "Girly Business." Initially, the brand was proposed by Rommel, who realized that there is a lack of choices in the beauty market that would perfectly complement each and every lifestyle. And without a tinge of hesitation, Kim had admitted that the three of them share an unconditional love for relaxation and skin pampering: Like going to spas and indulging in skin care products and perfumes. Are you shocked now? Well, I was too because I was expecting that he'd say water sports, basketball, and other manly activities you can think of, but I have come to appreciate the fact that there is a new breed of men in our country who are man enough to admit that they love themselves and value their looks. (Now don't tell me that isn't a plus for us girls!) Not only that, Kim happily told me as well that the products, especially the perfumes for women, are based on the fragrance they think would make women smell lovely and irresistible. Basically, the perfume range for women is a HUGE tip on how to win men over. *wink wink! But for my guy readers out there, don't you all worry--the brand was built to suit both men and women.

Alright! Now that you know a little something about the founders, let's talk a little about the brand. Liv Co. prides themselves as an "Alternative Lifestyle" brand. So what does that mean? Click READ MORE and find out.

As an Alternative Lifestyle brand, Liv Co. offers a wide range of products that compliment specific lifestyles and moods-They are not just another cookie- cutter beauty brand that imposes itself on you, hence they do not bombard you with clinical studies, scientific claims, and out-of-this world ingredients, nor tell you to become and look like this and that. Instead, Liv Co. promises you a range of high quality products that you can connect with-Because at the end of the day, we will always yearn for something that will compliment our personalities and simply make us feel so damn good.

Currently, the brand offers the following products:

1. Body Scrub
2. Body Butter
3. Lipbalm
4. Shampoo w/ Conditioner
5. Perfumes (Men and Women)
6. Body Oils
7. Aromatherapy Soaps
8. Hand and Body Lotions

According to Kim, the manufacturing of their products are guided by the fair trade principles, and are ethically- sourced and sustainable. For now, they are looking into expanding their bath and body range and in the near future, they will come up with a fashion and accessories line (exciting!) and support local advocacies and charitable institutions. (Awwwww)

So I heard you guys were asking about the price points. Definitely affordable! Because Liv Co. believes that feeling good and taking care of yourself does not always mean spending a lot!

Liv Co. has gifted me with the following products: Stem Cell- Enriched Body Butter and Body Scrub, Invigorate and Soothe Body Oils, Seductive Eau De Toilette, and Stem Cell- Enriched Shampoo w/ Conditioner. Do let me know what product/s you want me to review first!

You may check out their products at CE.ORG on Facebook.


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. with all the emerging beauty products and companies in the market today, i wonder what will make this venture stand out, defnitely looking forward to your review of their EDT. let's see how those men founders will fare ;-)

  2. good to hear there's guy out there man enough to have business like this, so that some guys out there wouldn't think that perfumes,body pampering and all are just for girlie kikays,i'm already wondering how their product is...nice post martha.^^

  3. I hope you can do a review on their Stem Cell-Enriched Body Butter and Body Scrub soon. This brand is really interesting. :)

  4. Body oils and body scrubs since most women are fan of these.:)thanks in advance!

  5. Eloise: noted the edt review. :D

    Ohms: :)

    Kate: yup! I think they're the first ones to go since I've been using them for 3 weeks already. :)

    Purple clandestine: thanks! :D


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