Nivea X Forever 21 Express Raid+Get a Chance To Win 24k worth of GCs!

Last week, Nivea invited me along with five of the country's top fashion and beauty bloggers to the Nivea X Forever21 Express Raid, a battle of wits, endurance and most of all, speed. The event was  held at the Forever21 SM Megamall branch at 8am. We all thought it was too early, but everybody agreed that the grand prize was enough to keep us awake and energized!

The challenge goes like this: The bloggers must gather at least P24,000.00 worth of Forever21 items in just 60 seconds. Nivea has also revealed a secret challenge, and that is we have to include at least one pair of shoes to qualify for the prize. The blogger who comes up with a loot worth P24,000.00, or gets the closest to the target amount will take home every single thing she got. Sweet, huh?

Let the challenge begin!

After 60 seconds: Here’s me and my massive Forever21 loot. Thank you, Espresso, for not failing me in the challenge!

Loots of Marj, Jackie, and Val.

FYI, Forever21 is currently having their End Of Season Sale. Get an initial 50% off on selected items, and get additional 50% off on each item when you bring them to the counter. This glamorous dress was originally at P1500.00+, and it went down to P384.00!

With Jackie Go and Marj Sia

Here’s me, trying to conceal my nervousness as the representatives from Forever21 compute my loot.

So who won the challenge? Jackie Go who got a loot worth P23,000.00+! Vern and Verniece’s loots were around P18,000.00+, respectively, Marj’s was at P18,000.00+, Val’s was at P17,000.00++, while mine was at P27,000.00+. Guess I was too fast and excited! Haha!

Indeed, Jackie was as fast and precise as Nivea's Express Hydration Lotion and Creme Soft Soap: These two products are made with the Noble Prize- winning Hydra IQ Complex that promises instant moisture in as fast as 60 seconds, and penetrates deep within the cellular level to address the root of dryness for all- day moisturization. Her win was well deserved indeed!

When you don't have enough time to shop, but you gotta come up with a fab ensemble, who you gonna call? THE EXPRESS RAIDERS! Lol! :D

Everyone's a winner after all because the challengers have received P2,000.00 worth of Forever21 GCs as consolation prize. Since I was there already, I shopped! These are the fab items I got:

Black dress with multicolor sequins. From P1,200.00+, got this for only P300.00+

Wee! I brought home the heavily sequined dress with me! :)

A breezy mint- colored top as recommended by Marj Sia. :)

A black loose top with cute tassels for my mom.

Rar! I felt strongly about this necklace and I think it will give me good luck this year, hence I bought it. :)

Shoes! I finally have a pair of chunky platforms. From P1,300.00+, I got it for only P300.00. :D

More Nivea goodies! :)

So, do you have what it takes to beat the 60-second timer? Then dare and apply as a Nivea Express Raider! Here's how:

1. Visit NIVEA PHILIPPINES on Facebook to apply
2. 5 lucky ladies will be chosen to participate in the Express Raid Challenge.
3. The Express Raid will be held in Nivea's Express Raid Partner Stores which can range from beauty, home essentials, fashion, and to lifestyle. There will be one Express Raid in a partner store every two weeks.
4. The 5 official Express Raiders must complete a challenge in a partner store. The winner will take home P24,000.00 worth of items. The rest of the participants will receive P2,000.00 gcs as consolation prize.

Join the Nivea's biggest contest this 2013 by visiting NIVEA PHILIPPINES ON FACEBOOK now!

Addendum: The Nivea Express Raid App will go live later on Nivea Philippines' official Facebook fan page so please watch out for it! :)

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Martha, where can we find out how to enter? I don't see anything on their FB yet :)

  2. Those shoes! Comfy ba sis ilakad? I'm excited for this, hindi ko pa nagawa mag shop ng more than 20k +

  3. Ang saya saya naman, hehehe, game na game ako jan grabe sigurokung ako yan weeks before palang nagwawarm up nako, i love the sequined dres,yan ba yun for 300? Must visí1 soon

  4. ang fun!!!i like the black dress and the sequined dress as well.:)

  5. Jackie is super lucky. :)
    I love the mint-colored top you got. It's so lovely. You're so sweet, Ms. Martha. You even got your mom, a pretty top. :) I love the shoes too! Is it comfy? Would I be able to get it for Php300 also? Or was the discount just for this challenge? Thanks a lot. :)

  6. ang fun!!!i like the black dress and the sequined dress as well.:)

  7. Wow! 24k is a lot! is this nationwide or in Manila lang? Sana meron din dito sa Cebu! ♥

    I love your haul over there Ms. M! The discount was so great and this makes me go to F21 now. haha I love the dress with pretty sequins and the shoes ♥

  8. wow so challenging and exciting nga!I wanan try on this!apir!

  9. omg ang cute nung tiger. XD
    wew sale i love saleeeeeeeee!
    overprice kasi yung forever21 satin kaya i only go to sale or on clearance outlet :)

  10. I love the sequined dress at 300 lang ba yan kamo? I think i can wear that to the office partner lang ng skinny slacks and blazer kung ako ang kasasli jan i would have practiced months in advance hahah

  11. Grabe Ms. Martha! Sabi na eh! Great job! :D Mejo naguluhan lang po about sa 50% and discount.So discounted na siya,then dadalin sa counter? pano po yun? I mean,lahat naman dba sa counter mappunta pag magbabayad na? O_O

  12. the mint-green top is my favorite among your F21 finds and of course those nivea goodies esp yung lotions. Ang naman swerte ni Jackie! sayang Martha you're almost there lagpas lang ng 3k :D

  13. wow, this is so much fun! wish I could join! :)

  14. Thank you girls! Please drop by F21 because I think they're still currently having the sale. As for the Nivea Express Raider app, it's already live and running on Nivea Facebook's fan page so please check it out. Good luck to all those who will join! :D

  15. love that shoes! it was a steal at 300 pesos ha.

    To join you have to visit the app which is posted on NIVEA Philippines FB page :)

    Beauty Colada


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