Review: San San Nail Polish

Here's a review on San San Nail Polishes in Purple Topaz and Luxury Black

Price: Around P50.00+ each
Bought From: HBC, Metrowalk, Ortigas
Other Locations: Available in all HBC Stores


I was scouring HBC in Metrowalk Ortigas one time and I gravitated towards San San's nail polish stand because the color options are quite nice, not to mention the bottle size is too nice for its price. As you guys have predicted, I left the store along with two new polishes. :D

Purple Topaz is from their Holiday Collection. I don't know if this one is limited edition though but in any case, please check it out because it's such a nice color! Actually, I bought this because I thought it was a good dupe for my favorite Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer shade, Bete Noire.

Finally, I got meself a black polish because most of my nail art tutorials require this color.

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Purple Topaz is a semi- metallic purple shade with a bluish undertone and silver flecks. Unfortunately, it's a tad lighter than Bete Noire. Guess it's really hard to dupe that one for it's such a unique color! Nevertheless, Purple Topaz is a beautiful color.

Luxury Black is indeed luxurious! It's a rich, opaque black shade that dries off to a patent finish.

Both polishes yield medium coverage on the initial application, but are buildable. In my opinion, they could give more expensive brands a run for their money because the overall quality of the nail polishes is great: It's very fluid, applies smoothly, and it doesn't look and feel cheap at all! Drying time is so-so, but they remain chip- free for more than 4 days, depending on your activities. I really love it, and I hope San San comes out with more shade options!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm into nail art loving too lately. those shades are beautiful. The purple topaz looks elegant and greatly emphasizes cool-toned skin. The Luxury black, on the other hand, isn't boring unlike some other plain black or glittery nail polishes. These are worth a try! Will definity check these babies out. Thanks for sharing, Ms. M :)

  2. Wanna try that holiday collection polish!!! xD

  3. Sana they have holiday collection polish here sa SM fairview.

  4. Bagay yang purple na yan as base for my silver stamp polish. I have something like that kaya lang d siya bagay saken. Also i think t0 pesos is ok kaya lang there are other cheaper alternatives to that

  5. one thing i dont like about hbc polishes is their brushes.idk why i have a hard time applying them.haha.
    purple topaz is a very nice color :)

  6. nailaholic there:)I love your picks, im also a Sansan user.Cheers!:)

  7. Im excited to see more local brand products this year and I'm glad one of my fave and affordable local brand is competing with international brand in terms of variety. I hope san-san continue do more quality products.

  8. Desire: thank you for your thoughts!

    Yanny: Same sentiments. How I wish there's an HBC branch near my area!

    Ohms: Thank you! :D

    Jenny: Good observation. However, haven't experienced that with these polishes. Maybe they have improved the brushes already. :)

    Gellie: Go ahead dear! :D

    Kath: Hope so too!

  9. Th Purple Topaz is such a pretty shade. Very nice choice. And very affordable. I will recommend this to my Mom. Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Martha. :)

  10. I really like San San Nail Polishes. They are very affordable and I love their colors. ;) Good choice!

  11. thank you for this!. I love sansan nail polish.


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