Shu Uemura is ready for Spring

Ooooh. Shu Uemura has finally released their annual decorated Cleansing Oils. Does this mean that the Hanami's happening already? Well, I don't know if it's about to happen or taking place already but I'm sure of one thing: This collection celebrates Shu Uemura's 30 years of existence and excellence in the beauty industry! The iconic cleansing oils are dressed up in spring- worthy palettes with the mask as the prevalent icon. What's up with the mask, you ask? Because Shu Uemura's best- selling cleansing oil was first called UNMASK. :)

And the limited edition Cleansing Oils are also accompanied by the brand's newest makeup collection for S/S 2013 The blue palette-ah, it's so preeettyyy! *faints*

Will try to grab more information about these exciting products from the local Shu Uemura team. Keep on checking my blog for updates! :D

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow those bottles are cute!
    cant wait for your take on those lashes! :)

  2. Wow! The palettes are so lovely, Ms. M! Can't wait to see these hues on Spring runaways maybe? haha aabangan ko mga reviews mo for this products :) look at the lashes! Coooooool! ♥

  3. wow ang cool ng color ng packaging, I have the skin purifier Shu Eumura and it great at me, did you alreay try this?could you make a review, pls.?thanks!

  4. oooohhh, these are beautiful! especially the makeup collection! *drools*

  5. about to finish my bottle (its original packaaging) now there goes a lovely bottle :-) will waitfor your review madam :-)

  6. Shu Uemura's Lashes are to die for! especially if you're a makeup artist and your forte is avant-garde.

  7. Jenny: Hope to get my hands on them too :)

    Yanny: Yup! I have one from the Karl Lagerfeld Collection and I must say, it's a collector's item!

    Marsied: Sure thing! :) I'm about to finish my pore clarifying bottle to and will move on to ultim8. :)

    Kay and Issa: Ditto! :D

    Desire: Hope to get my hands on the palettes and cleansing oils! :D

  8. i've seen your post about the karl lagerfeld collection and ang cute, hehe parang peg ni tess prieto valdes . avant garde angg cool. parang naiimagine ko nikki minaj ang peg ng lashes na yan. ive heard so any good things about their cleansing oil. i think it was shu who started that cleansing oil rave. im not going to ask how much that is i think mahal yan. and im lucky that i don't wear heavy makeup to warrant cleansing oil. although i know parang good moisturizer din siya

  9. Pretty palettes! I want them especially the blue palette. :) The lippies are pretty too. And very cute yung packaging nung cleansing oils. I super like this collection. :)

  10. I've only tried Shu Uemura's Pure Nu, but I absolutely love it.

    XoXo Chris

  11. Chris: Hi there and welcome to tbj! :D Wow! Interesting product. Thanks for the reco and I'll check it out soon. :)


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