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Last Christmas, the BF and I went shopping for gifts at Shangri-La mall and here's the restaurant we ate in.

First off, it's hard not to be attracted to its bright lime green interior and cute, Asian- inspired Country setting. Truth be told, the reason why I've always wanted to eat here is because I just wanna sit down and look at the place lol!

Lemongrass is an Asian cuisine--they have Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Singaporean, and Thai food.

PRICE RANGE: P150.00-P500.00

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The best- selling Lemongrass Iced Tea--very refreshing and yummy. I don't fancy Lemongrass drinks but I liked this one. That said, this is my most favorite order.

California Maki- It's.....California Maki. Lol. When you eat California Maki once, it's like you've tasted all California Maki renditions already. But the difference with Lemongrass' version is, the mango slices are big--they got the biggest mango slices I've seen on California Maki.

Korean Beef Stew- Cute presentation, albeit the pot wasn't that secure and it kept on sliding around the  burner.

Here's the beef stew. It's very tender, flavorful, and lightly sweet--just the way I imagined Korean Beef Stew. However, we only got 3 medium- sized chunks. Wished we got 4 so the BF and I had equal servings. LOL.

Lemon Chicken- My favorite! Their version is very crispy, and it's not overdosed with flour batter--I could still taste the chicken underneath it. The BF loved the lemon sauce because it's not too sweet.

Takoo Thai- I actually forgot the name of this dessert dish because it's too forgettable, but I know that it's generally known as Takoo Thai. Anyway, this is quite bad: It's too sticky, too gummy, and it tasted a little synthetic to me. :(

To sum it up, it's an affordable place to grab your usual Asian favorites. The overall quality and presentation of the foods is just okay--I cannot overemphasize.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. First photo, I thought it was a mango shake but when I read on, It's Lemongrass Iced Tea pala. Hindi ko ma-imagine kung ano ang lasa nya coz I've never tasted lemongrass drinks before but this one looks yummy though!

  2. the place looks nice yet the prices are affordable. ill try this place soon with my bf too, thanks for the post!

  3. Wow, I wanna try the Lemongrass Iced Tea too.It looks cute and yummy. Will visit this place soon. It's really hard to explore different places when you're single. LOL. :D

  4. ive never been into lemongrass..hope they will expand in sm north..or trinoma~
    takoo thai looks like maja blanca..
    i like the idea on serving with a burner, sometimes chatting makes the food a little cold..

  5. did lemon grass hit the Serenitea?or Cha-time?I wanted to try this, it looks so refreshing, bagay this coming summer.:)

  6. Wow this is a new restaurant. I have not seen it before. I will visit it soon.


  7. first time ive been to lemongrass was at ayala center cebu...was hoping back then that itll be available in manila thats in manila..ako naman ang nawala sa manila..well oh well...what i remember the most was their water with lemon in it...very healthy drink indeed :-)

  8. The place looks so comfy and homey. Looks elegant but with surprisingly affordable food prices. Wondering if they have a branch here in Cebu. I wanna eat the same order as yours except for the last one, the Takoo Thai. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life, Ms. M! ♥

  9. Yanny: I've also associated Lemongrass with aromatherapy stuff so I never really liked the idea of it being used for food. But this one, it's good!

    Eloise: You're welcome!

    Kate: Awww..That's why we have friends. :)

    Jenny: Thank you for your thoughts!

    Ohms: Not quite sure how it compares to serenitea and chatime's versions because I'm not really a fan of the said drink, and this is the only version I liked in my entire life. :)

    Michelle: Hello! Go ahead! Let me know your thoughts about the place and their food. :)

    Marsiedmartian: Wow! Didn't know they have a branch in cebu so thank you for the info. Yup, lemon in water is good because it enriches the latter's alkaline content. :)

    Apol: Good enough. :)

    Desire: Hi there! According to marsiedmartian, there is! :D

  10. Yea I just read her comment right after I submitted mine. My bad! anyways, I'll go check their branch here in Cebu maybe next week and try their sumptuous meals! ♥

  11. It's 4am na at nagutom ako bigla sa post na 'to. Will check their store nga to try their lemon chicken and korean beef stew :) Thanks for sharing :)

  12. I like their presentation :) I might try them if i ever happen to pass by Shang.

    Beauty Colada


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