Sweet Relief For my Teeth

I love sweets. Well, who doesn’t? If you go to my house and open up my Willy Wonka mini fridge, (a name I have coined for my cold treasure chest filled with sweets) it is a haven stuffed with precious boxes of chocolates, pralines, truffles, and the usual chocolate bars, cakes, cupcakes, mini pastries, ice cream, and candy. If I were to be stranded on an island for the rest of my life, it must be a place where cakes and cupcakes grow on trees and I’ll be happy to live there for eternity.

My cake leftovers! #PigMode

Wanna know how serious I was when I said I love sweets? Here’s an example: Every Christmas, I hoard cakes because I am a cake lover and there’s no better season to pig out than the Holidays. Last Christmas, I had bought four kinds of cakes and I kid you not, folks, I ate an entire cake on my own! I still have some cake leftovers in Willy Wonka, and I’m enjoying a Coffee Crunch cake right about now. Yum!

But here’s the catch: I have sensitive teeth. AH! The irony-sheer, cruel irony! I always get a stinging pain, especially at the back part of my teeth whenever I eat sugary treats. Sometimes, it gets so bad that I have to chug down a glass of water after two or three bites. I’m supposed to feel happy when I’m eating dessert, but the queasy feeling I get from drinking a lot of water just to alleviate the pain on my teeth always kills the moment. Could there be a way for me to eat dessert pleasurably sans the loathsome tooth pain?

Also comes in the Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste Whitening variant

One day, I had told my mom about my tooth problem and she recommended Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste. That time, it was totally new to me, but I gave it a shot anyway with high hopes that it will put an end to teeth sensitivity. Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste promises instant sensitivity relief so you can enjoy sweets, hot and cold beverages, frozen treats, or any type of food that may cause teeth pain.

Teeth sensitivity is caused by the thinning of the tooth enamel, which leads to the exposure of Dentine Tubules, the microscopic holes in our teeth that are connected to the teeth nerves. When Dentine Tubules are exposed, our teeth are more vulnerable to any kind of food that induces painful sensations. What Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste does is it seals the Dentine Tubules instantaneously with its Pro-Argin Technology, thus helping block pain triggers.

To put it to the test, I had brushed my teeth with Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief and allowed 5 minutes before chowing down a bowl of vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. Surprise, surprise-IT WORKS! Prior to using this toothpaste, my teeth would always start to quiver once it detects something cold and sweet inside my mouth but with this toothpaste, the sensitivity was miraculously and significantly lessened. In my first trial, my teeth were adjusting to the toothpaste and there was still pain, albeit it wasn’t as bad as before. But the longer I use it, the better Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste performs and my teeth feel! Love it!

So whenever I am about to indulge in truckloads of dessert, I make sure I brush my teeth first with Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief for a sweeter and happier eating experience!

But I’d still recommend that you go see your dentist so you’ll know how you can permanently cure teeth sensitivity. But in moments where desserts (and you) can’t wait, make Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste your quick solution.

To know more about Teeth Sensitivity and Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief, please visit COLGATE SENSITIVE PRO RELIEF TOOTHPASTE’s official website.

This post is brought to you by The Beauty Junkee and Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. oooohhh I love sweets too! I wanna stock tons of chocolate in our fridge but momma won't allow me too kasi ang taba-taba ko na raw >.< Well, who can live without eating sweets?

    I don't really get toothaches if i will eat sweets. But when I do, it's because of something cold like water with ice, ice creams and the like. I saw this in a tv commercial too and I'm glad it works in you MS. M! Will buy one for myself :) Thanks Ms. M! ♥

  2. I also have a sweet tooth but I limit myself from eating too much cakes since it makes me feel bloated kapag nasobrahan. But every after meal I always make sure to eat at least two chocolate kisses or flat tops hehe I never had sensitive teeth though been using Sensodyne for years now along with Dentiste :)

  3. i love cakes! parang kakabasa ko lang kay amw un colgate? XD
    anyways i put it directly sa teeth and gums pag umatake na ung pangingilo XD

  4. I ♥ sweets too especially CHOCOLATES. Basta anything na chocolate, mapa-icecream man yan or cake or candy :P I think that's my kryptonite :P But like you, i sometimes get pain at the back of my teeth lalo na pag napasobra yung kain ko. Will try nga this Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief :) Thanks for the reco :)

  5. parehas tayo ms. martha, super hilig sa sweets.. this product of colgate is really good. At first, i'm skeptic about it since the other brand really specializes in this type of toothpaste, but my dentist gave me a sample of this and it really works, sa sobrang sensitive kasi ng teeth ko even gargling the pain penetrates sa teeth ko. 1 minute of massaging it to my teeth and it really works. I tend to change this from the other brand kasi mostly it's not available (hello SM) but ayun nag eeffort pa ko maghanap... LOL, basta it works. ;)

  6. Count me in :) Super effective din sakin to. Kahit hindi ko na sya ginagamit nag stay talaga yung effect nya sa teeth ko ng matagal. I just buy the smallest size and good for many uses na :)

  7. Desire: Thanks for sharing dear! :)

    Kath: Super okay, no? And I like that it doesn't crazily sting too, unlike super minty toothpastes. :)

    Patty: Hi there and thank you sharing! :D I agree, it's practically sold out everywhere, and I was only able to find a full- sized tube in Watson's SM Megamall. :)

    Jenny: Thanks for sharing! :D

    Orlaine: Like many of us, I'm sure you'll love it! :D

  8. I super love sweets too! I can't live without sweets. I always bring chocolates when going to work and I can finish a whole cake too. :) I have tried this before and though i do not have sensitive teeth, I could say that it is really effective plus it taste good. :)

  9. Ang sarap naman! Haha love the willie wonka ref. Ako din my ultimate dream when i was younger was to be stuck overnight s chocolates section s supermarket. Ah those were the days kaaya lang mabagal nn metabolism pag tumatanda na hahaha.

  10. i sometimes use this! my teeth is so sensitive :(

  11. i also love sweets especially chocolates...i can finish a bag of kisses in one sitting. i'm lucky coz unlike my hubby, i dont have sensitive teeth. i'll purchase colgate sensitive pro relief for him.
    thanks ms martha!

  12. sweets for me!I love chocolates indeed..cake is the second options, I never tried the colgate sensitive pro but I love how the results on you.:)

  13. love love love colgate. Been a loyal consumer for years na they always deliver :)

    Enjoy your cake :)


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