Extra! Extra! Bobbi Brown's new Extra Hand Cream!

When I got this package in the mail, my eyes widened and my mouth formed an O and uttered "OOOOHHHHHHH", then the heavens have opened up and angels began to sing "Aaaahhhhhh" in unison. Bobbi Brown and Hand Cream: Two of my favorite things. I know, I sound like a broken record here, but I'll say again and again that I truly, madly, deeply love Bobbi because I've always had this feeling that she could read my mind: When I was longing for a watery, skin- like foundation with good concealing properties, she came out with the Skin Foundation. When I was yearning for a compact concealer palette with a complementing setting powder, she came out with the Creamy Concealer kit. Perhaps she teleported to my room one night and invisibly went through my stash and realized that I'm a hand cream monster, hence she came out with her newest skin care product for 2013, Extra Hand Cream. 

Ok, let's zap back to reality, Martha. Anyway, guys, Bobbi Brown's new hand cream is a huge tube of moisture and therapy for your manos. Read that? I wrote THERAPY--it's not just a regular hand cream--it's meant to repair your hardworking hands!

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Extra Powers:

 - Provides long lasting relief to chapped skin
- Helps diminish signs of aging
- Helps reduce age spots on hands
- Lessens the appearance of thin, crepey skin
- Strengthens hands' capability to retain moisture
- Soothes and softens skin
- has a unique texture and fragrance

The Power Rangers:

Extra Repair Complex- a combination of Clary Sage Ferment and Argireline Peptide that helps prevent collagen loss.
Sucrose and Caffeine- soothes skin overtime.
Wheat Bran and Olive Oil Complex- helps replenish essential lipids vital to moisture retention.
Shea Butter- a potent humectant that seals in moisture within the skin.
Apricot Kernel Oil and Avocado Oil- helps maintain a healthy moisture level on the skin, and helps keep it soft and smooth.

Bobbi Brown Extra Hand Cream retails at P1,700.00 which reminds me, I shouldn't be abusing it! LOL! It's a permanent product and you may now check it out on all Bobbi Brown counters in leading malls. Please visit BOBBI BROWN PHILIPPINES for extra news on this brand new product.

What do you think of this new product? Are you going to buy it?

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I would also hear the heaven's singing if I got a package from Bobbi brown

  2. ang mahal, i wonder how it smells like? id rather use perfumed lotions than a hand cream kasi mahal ehehe

  3. I think I need to start investing in a good one! Walay kwenta ang skincare ni ate pag kulubot kulubot and kamay! hahaha! This looks promising:0

  4. basta bobbie brown, asahan mo pricey, but some of colleagues stated it was good naman eh, so regards the price.

  5. Arya: I get packages from them every now and then, but the angels would always sing every time I receive one from them. I'm just happy that my beloved brand is showing me back some lovin'! :)

    Ohms: Yes, it's a very good brand. I can attest to that. :)

    Angel: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! That's true. Because the hands, apart from the neck, is the first area of your body that will show signs of aging. :)

    Eloise: Smells good--like freshly handpicked oranges! :D


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