GOAL: MEGA Magazine Feature+My Full Interview

It really feels good when you actually see that all your hard work has come to fruition and most especially, when God decides to reward you for working so dayum hard. :)

That said, I am more than proud and happy for being featured by MEGA Magazine in one of their articles for the February 2013 issue.

Off topic: By the way, this is perhaps MEGA's best cover in my opinion! :D I love Betty and Veronica! :D

Click READ MORE and see my full interview!

In the article BLOGGING FOR BEAUTY written by MEGA'S Maxine Ignacio, she has interviewed me, Liz, and Shen, and had asked us about our blogs: Their respective histories, inspirations, and what keeps us going on and on in this beautiful thing called beauty blogging.

Hope you can grab a copy!

Here's the entire transcript of my interview with Max Ignacio:

1.     How old are you?

-24 years old.

2.     Where did you take your education?

University of The Philippines Diliman.

3.     Do you have another occupation aside from being a blogger? If yes, can you explain your situation as a makeup blogger on the side? (How do you balance your time? Etc.)

-       I’m currently a brand consultant and Social Media Strategist for Studio 116 Dance School. It’s not really demanding because I only work from home. If I’m on a break from work, I blog.

4.     How long have you been blogging about makeup?

-       A little over 3 years.

5.     Why do you love makeup so much?

-       I guess I was just born to love it! Ever since I was kid, I’ve always been into makeups. I’d always sneak into my mom’s room and play with her blushes and lipsticks-most especially lipsticks that’s why I’ve been known as the “blogger who loves lipsticks”. I just like the way it (makeup) gives you a whole new look, and how it allows you to reinvent yourself without too much hassle.

6.     Why did you decide to start blogging about it?

-       I really love it that’s why. I love it so much that I can go on and on and talk about makeup all day but unfortunately, the people I know are not as interested in it as I am. One fateful day, I was browsing online because I was looking for a nice blush brand and Google showed me a couple of links to blogs. At that time, I didn’t know beauty blogs existed. When I’ve started reading these blogs, I kinda’ got hooked and even more so when I found out that the readers can interact with these bloggers and just talk about makeup. I’ve felt that I have found the right people whom I can share my passion with. After a month of reading beauty blogs, I’ve decided to put up my own and called it The Beauty Junkee

7.     How does it feel to know you have one of the country’s top makeup blogs?

-       Believe it or not, I still can’t believe that my blog has actually come this far! Regarding the question, of course, I feel happy and very thankful. I’m happy not because of the fame alone, but because day after day, I get to interact with a lot of makeup lovers and I get to help a lot of people who want to explore a new version of themselves with makeup.

8.     How did you find out/ what was your experience like when you realized you were getting massive reception for your blog?

-       I was not the type who’s so keen on monitoring the progress of my blog. I just learned about its popularity through loads of email sent by digital marketing and PR agencies saying “Hi Martha, according to Alexa, your blog has high traffic blah,blah…” Stuff like that! It was only recently that I’ve been closely monitoring its progress because I’ve finally realized that it has so much potential. Actually, I just felt happy and grateful when I’ve realized that it has a considerable audience size. Finally, all those sleepless nights spent on writing blog posts have paid off!

9.     When did you truly know that people were paying attention to your blog? What was the turning point of your blogging career?

-       I receive beauty queries via email from my readers here and abroad. I also receive heartwarming stories from people saying how my blog has changed the way they perceive beauty. It’s just nice to know that I have touched a lot of lives in the process. The turning point of my career was around a year ago, when brands started to contact me and invite me to become a brand ambassador for them. I’ve read this blog post about blog stardom written by an international blogger (whose name escapes me right now) saying that you know your blog has made it when a brand invites you to represent them or their products/services and I agree—when you’re asked to represent something, then it only means that you or whatever you have is valuable.

10. Do you have a specialty/ favorite topic you love blogging about?

-       Product reviews. I am so meticulous when it comes to product reviews. I want to highlight each and every single aspect of a product, that’s why my readers would always look forward to them. In fact, some of them say that they won’t buy a product unless I review it!

11. What perks do you get from your job?

-       I get a lot of free stuff- that I can’t deny. I don’t remember spending for toiletries already for the past three months! I also get first dibs on any new beauty product or service in town, and I get invited to exclusive beauty and fashion events. I am also earning from it somehow.

12. What difficulties have you experienced since becoming a makeup blogger?

-       Haters. There was a time when a couple of bloggers said nasty things about me in an online forum and a chat room. It was saddening and vexing, but I’ve realized I won’t benefit from them, so why waste my time? There are also people who’d take advantage of me and my blog. I also had to sacrifice time with my boyfriend, friends, and family just to bring my blog to the next level. But at the moment, its progress is already stable and continuous, so I am now devoting half of my time and attention to equally important things outside beauty blogging.

13. What’s in store for you in the near future?

-       A very successful life, a very successful blog, and my own beauty brand and nail salon—I’ve always wanted to have my own nail salon. I want to be financially free so I could blog for as long as I live, and be a philanthropist as well.

14. Do you think that the digital age is reigning over print media? Do you think that magazines and glossies are dying?

-       I believe that we are now in the Digital Age but right now, I think Digital Media and Print Media are still walking side by side as it’s not that easy to topple something that has been there for a long time, and Digital Media is still very new. But Digital Media grows exponentially day-by-day and according to economic predictions, it will continue to grow stronger in the next 5 years. Suffice to say, it will prevail. Print Media has to adapt because Digital Media is the new frontier. Are magazines and glossies dying? Not really. Challenged, perhaps?

15. Which makeup related icons do you admire the most? Why?

-       Bobbi Brown. She’s my idol because she has always been an advocate of self- empowerment through makeup—the principle that my blog lives by right now. Other than that, I love the way she does makeup: Nothing fancy--just natural and beautiful makeup that always brings out a woman’s features.

16. Where do you think makeup artistry is headed for 2013? (in relation to the spread of makeup academies and makeup brands available locally) Do you think more bloggers will rise? Do you think more makeup artists/talents will emerge?

-       It’s seeing a bright future because women are becoming more and more aware of the value of how being physically attractive can affect the personality and inspire success. As it is, there are already a lot of new beauty bloggers and makeup artists, and I think there will be more because the makeup industry is getting bigger and growing stronger. Beauty Blogging will also be stronger, as makeup artists and talents will see this as an opportunity to showcase their works and as a backdoor to an even more successful career in the makeup industry, although there is the threat of saturation. But I believe saturation will take care of itself because the blogs that have quality are the ones that will still prevail. 

17. Can you assess the makeup industry in the country?

-       It’s becoming more and more professional because makeup is already considered as an art. Makeup Artists are quite in demand nowadays.  Local makeup brands are also becoming world-class, quality- wise and more and more indie local makeup brands are making themselves known. Bottomline, it’s going to be a beneficial industry because the emergence of newer brands and the demand for artists will generate new (and fun) jobs.

18. Can you assess the level of makeup talent you see in the country?

-       We have a lot! No question about that. In general, Pinoys are talented and they excel in whatever they choose to do be it fashion, food, or makeup. However, a majority of makeup artists would only stay in their comfort zones and go for the usual. (bridal makeup, basic makeup, natural makeup, and the likes) This goes not only to makeup artists but to other creative Pinoys as well. Since the makeup industry is so strong right now, I think makeup artists should be more adventurous: create some form of makeup art that has never been done before, or build their own makeup brands. Now’s the best time to create a demand for themselves and their skills because the trend is very much in their favor. As the old adage goes: “Strike while the iron is hot!”

19. Would you recommend your job to any other enthusiast? If so, what advice would you give them?

-       Actually, this is just my passion. I don’t consider it as my job. But if you want to make blogging as your primary source of income, you can do it. And if you do, it won’t be easy at first because technically, you’re like putting up a business. Just carry on because those who persevere will reap the rewards in the end—always.
-       Be clear of your intentions from the very beginning. If you want to earn from your blog, then say so. That way, your audience and the companies/people you’ll work with will know what to expect. But make sure your blog is qualified—you must deserve what you want to earn. Always aim for quality content, and make your site nice.
-       Blog about what you love. This is the most important thing. If you blog just for the sake of blogging and just because a particular topic seems to be generating income for some people, you won’t get to the top of the mountain as you’ll give up halfway in the trek because your heart is not in it.
-       Everything takes time. Be patient. Success doesn’t happen overnight.
-       Finally, this is why I think people still trust and read my blog even if they know that I am getting a lot of sponsorships, free stuff, perks, what have you: Make integrity your priority.

Once again, thank you MEGA! And of course thank you, my dear readers, for taking me this far. :)

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  1. congrats mis m! well deserved, i know yung dress na suot mo, youve featured that on one of your posts here, i remember i love the cobalt blue color of that bandage dress. i got excited when i read from projectvanity's blog that you were also featured! i was actually looking forward to reading your answer to their questions. ohwell, im not fretting, i'll just grab a copy! siguro kung ako yang mafefeature hala bibiin ko isang kahon hahah! congrats . im proud to be one of your readers

  2. wow you really deserve what you have now!
    yeah martha i wouldnt buy a makeup or perfume or anything unless you review. im guilty about that. i remember when you blog about the nail art that you got in fully booked i bought it the next day! haha because i was around and i saw that and i remember you :) you really have big impact on your readers :) pag d mo type d ko ren type! haha!
    more powers to you martha :)

  3. i wasnt surprised actually..the minute i came across your blog i knew right away i wasnt gonna waste my time...more blessings for you ms. martha cheers! :-)
    p.s. youre actually the first beauty blogger i bumped into..lucky me!

  4. Your blog is one of the first beauty blog that I bookmarked and until now di pa din ako nagsasawa magbasa ng reviews mo :) Truly an inspiration to others and you deserve this Martha :)

  5. oemgee thank you miss m for heeding my request. just goes to show you pay attention to whatreaders have to say about your blog! kahapon wala pa yata yun questions and answers pero now meron na! yay! super agree ako sa lahat ng sinabi mo especially don sa part na you have to be passionate about blogging to flourish! im quite surprised na meron kang haters?! hahah dont worry kasi kung walang haters ibig sabihin hindi pa established ang blog mo parang rtista lang yan. the celebrities with the most haters are usually yun mga successful and sikat! pero notto say naman na requirement magkaroon ng bashers, anyway congratulations again

  6. Loved the interview Ms. Martha! So sophisticated! Congratulations!!! I will buy this issue and hope you will sign it (hoping too to see you in an event...). :)

  7. Kath: Awwww...Thanks! I'm happy to know as well that your blog is gaining some momentum! Keep it up! :D

    Eloise: Thank you! :D Hope you enjoyed my interview. :D

    Tank you girls! :D

  8. Iza: Hi there! Sure! :D Hope to see you! :D

  9. U deserves more.. sobrang idol talaga kita Ms. Martha!

  10. Me too! You're my favorite beauty blogger! Congratulations for coming this far! Continue to serve not only as an inspiration but as a role model as well.

    I can't wait to get my hands on the issue!! :)


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