LOTD: Year of The Snake

Peace and Prosperity to everyone! It's the new year of the Water Snake and I hope your year will be filled with so much blessings-I even hope that it overflows so you can share more to others! :D

Just wanna share what I wore to my lunch date with the BF and his family at Kimpura, Greenbelt 5.

TOP: Forever 21
SKIRT: Cotton On

ACCESSORIES: Shopaholic & Hubby

WEDGES: Nine West

ACCESSORIES: Shopaholic & Hubby

BAG: Prada

Please don't judge, this blurry photo was taken by his 2-year old pamangkin. But you gotta commend this nice shot by such a young person! :D

Our young photographer of the day, Ryan! 

Have a beautiful Monday, everyone! :)

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. ang tamis tamis naman!!! i would have loved to see more color sa outfit mo, like red shoes or even green! hehehe

  2. you're always pretty and sexy Ms. M!ho I wish I have that voluptuous body..hihi. keep on inspiring us.:)

  3. Jenny: True! He has a lot of shots, and most of them are nice!

    Ohms: Thank you! :D Yes, I definitely will! :D

    Eloise: I decided to wear something muted, hence the color combinations. :D

    Arya: Thank you! :D


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