Soak and Kamiseta Hauls+Gift from Elizabeth Arden

Hi guys! I'm going on a beach trip with Nivea this Thursday, and I just wanna share the stuff I bought for my trip. :)

Easy-to-wear nautical dress from Kamiseta. :D

High Waist Bikini from Soak Swimwear. I've been lemming for this exact style and good thing I got it! It's currently sold out in Soak's Multiply website, and was able to score one at Retail Lab, Archaeology, Powerplant Mall. Happy happy joy joy! :D

Here's moi, wearing the bikini. It's so cute and vintage! Unfortunately, my abs are not yet in its tip-top condition. :p

Lastly, I received this wonderful, red package from my Elizabeth Arden family. I was feeling a bit feverish yesterday, and this present just lightened me up! :D

Oooohhh....It's their new skin care line called Visible Difference! More about this line in a separate post. :)

That's all! :D

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love kamiseta and the bikini looks really good on you

  2. wow i love the high waist bikini there...i hpe they've got a lot more colors to choose from. :)

  3. ooh summer na, your swimsuit has the summery colors..hihi

  4. Jenniya: Thanks! :D

    Ohms: Super! That's why I got it. :D

    Purple Clandestine: Yes! They have. Just look for Soak Swimwear Online. :D

    Arya: Thanks! :D


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