Sumptuous Sundays: Dakasi

After one of the events we were in last week, my blogger friends and I have decided to grab a cooler since it was so frakkin’ hot that day. Liz of Project Vanity had suggested this Milk Tea specialty café called Dakasi at Market! Market!, Taguig. Since we were already in the area and we really wanted something nice, fresh, and cool to touch our throats, we went to check it out. I haven’t had Milk Tea in a long time so I thought, why not?

Dakasi is truly dedicated to milk tea-there’s no food to be found in here. Liz told me that it has a lot of branches around the metro, but this is the only time I’ve encountered it. Dakasi has dozens of milk tea concoctions including fruit teas, chocolate- flavored teas, tea frappucinos, shakes, and a whole lot more.

Their specialty, Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea.

Whenever it’s my first time to try a restaurant/café, I always go for the best- sellers. The cashier/shaker guy (a term I coined for those who brew the drinks at milk tea shops lol!) has recommended me Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea, which happens to be their best- seller.

Indeed, it tastes good! It’s not too syrupy, and I could still taste the tea in it unlike other milk teas that end up tasting either like milk or sugar. I don’t normally finish a large size of milk tea, but I managed to gulp down this one.

Angela, Jheng, and I have ordered the same thing. Our verdict? We like it!

How about you? Have you tried Dakasi’s Milk Teas? Share your favorites!

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i agree for mostly of milktea out there..that has too much milkc or sugar :)
    i havent seen this one.and hope to try soon :)
    so sexy!

  2. Love it too. It's my favorite out of all the milk teas I've tried.

  3. Kmmyp: Thank you for sharing! :D

    Jenny: Yes! There are even worse milk tea stores-their milk teas taste like water and sugar!

  4. ang gagnada naman ng mga bloggers na ito! wish i have bumped into you guys, fnofollow ko ang iambirgitte, projectvanity blogs! hehehe,

  5. hi Ms. M!before anything else, You are so sexy with the pix, i love your nail colors.hihi

    It looks like Serenitea,but I wanted to try this one too.:)Thans for sharing.:)

  6. i've tried oreo taste so good too! :) good review!

  7. Andew: Hi and welcome to TBJ! Hope you're enjoying my blog! Thanks for the reco--will try that next time. :)

    Ohms: Thanks! :)

  8. i love this too.. i want their milk tea with choco puddiiiiiing <3 gawd! xp


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